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On today’s episode:


If you missed the “Murphy’s Hockey Law” show February 16, listen to it right here!


First hour guests: Aaron Murphy, Chris Stevenson and Mark Spector

Second hour guests: Dave Fischer, Katie Strang and Shawn Roarke

Aaron Murphy – Program Manager for ESPN America
Chris Stevenson – Sun Media hockey columnist
Mark Spector – Senior columnist for Sportsnet.ca
Dave Fischer – Senior Director of Communications for USA Hockey
Katie Strang – ESPNNewYork.com and ESPN.com hockey writer
Shawn Roarke – Managing editor for NHL.com

Here is this week’s guest request soundtrack. We got quite the wide array of tastes:

Aaron Murphy
Dropkick Murphys, “Dirty Glass”
Pogues, “Dark Streets Of London”


Chris Stevenson
Rush, “Spirit of Radio”
Rush, “Fly By Night”


Mark Spector
Charlie Parker, “Summertime”
Kenny Chesney, “Pirate Flag”


Dave Fischer
Boston, “Don’t Look Back”
Boston, “More Than A Feeling”


Katie Strang
Beastie Boys, “Sure Shot”
Beastie Boys, “No Sleep Til Brooklyn”


Shawn Roarke
Clutch, “Immortal”
Battlecross, “Push, Pull, Destroy”


Speaking with notable hockey personalities as guests each week, Murph gets you insight from those in the know. From players and coaches to management and reporters that have their pulse on the beat of the game “Murphy’s Hockey Law” will bring you guests that truly bring you into the story lines.


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Sláinte and happy listening!


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Good Morning HabsAddicts!!! Another day, another fruitless bargaining session. The NHL and NHLPA met in caucus with FMCS mediator Scot Beckenbaugh in an attempt to restart the stalled Collective Bargaining negotiations. Everyone hoped this mediation session between the two sides would gain some traction in what seemed to be a situation that was completely obliterated last Thursday. Katie... Visit HabsAddict.com for more...