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Another week without hockey is depressing! At least we had a good time this week on Montreal Hockey Talk “Lockout Edition” Jay Farrar @JayPubRadio and J.T Utah @25stanley join Corey Collard and Nick Murdocco to discuss everything from the negotiations to Carey Price’s hot dentist… Yeah, I said hot dentist!



It’s nice to be back, and we’ve brought our good friend Jay Farrar @JayPubRadio along for the ride this time. The boys discuss the new offer on the table from the owners in the NHL and with the help of Corey, Erik, Dave, and Jay, we tell you what we think about the whole thing!


Starting the new season this year without hockey would have been hard, but the team at Websports Media Network Have been hard at work developing a whole bunch of new content this year. On the night that should have been the first official game for the Montreal Canadiens, we decided to introduce you to the whole team and tell you about all the new and exciting things happening at WSMN.

The team is back

Our regular cast of misfits started out the night discussing the lockout and our brand new Montreal studios.

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Week In Review

Ted Bird, Joey Elias, and David Kellerman are back with their weekly review of the NHL.

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Chris Nilan and Rick Moffat

New to the WSMN family, we talk to Rick Moffatt and Chris Nilan about their new shows.

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The Pre-Game Show

Also joining Montreal Hockey Talk this year are former NHL Player Bobby Dollas, Eric Engels of Hockey Buzz and Sirius XM, and Steve Hindle of Hockey Buzz.

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Radio Fight Center

We sit down with Gary Whittaker and Yury Kutcher to talk about our new fight channel featuring a variety of shows covering a wide range of topics surrounding MMA and boxing. Pre-fight shows, post-fight discussions, behind the scenes looks at being a fighter, gambling odds, fight promotion and more.

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Comedy and Habs Addict

Steve Traynor is here to talk about the Comedy show, and Kamal Panesar talks about the merging of Habs Addict and Montreal Hockey Talk.

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The Closeout

The final word with the new Montreal Hockey Talk Team

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