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A new era begins for the Montreal Canadiens, as Claude Julien takes thew reigns for the first time behind the Habs’ bench. Despite a 3-1 loss to the Winnipeg Jets, the Canadiens showed some positive signs, which we can only hope will be augmented in the coming days.

Join Coach K as he takes a look at the Habs’ first practice with their new head coach, and dissects the loss to the Jets. He also talks to Paul Cuthbert to preview next week’s games against the New York Rangers and the Islanders.

Finally, Tony Healey joins the show to talk about the implications that coaching changes, the trade deadline and the expansion draft may have on your fantasy leagues.


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On this week’s episode, Coach K welcomes Joey Alfieri from TSN 690 & NBC’s Pro Hockey Talk to discuss the breaking trade between the Montreal Canadiens and the Chicago Blackhawks that saw Dale Weise & Tomas Fleischmann sent to the Windy City in exchange from Philip Danault and a 2018 2nd round pick.

Tony Healey joins After Dark to discuss what fantasy players should do in advance of the NHL trade deadline, and how they should go about preparing their lists for their playoff drafts.

And as always, Coach takes your calls.


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Since last week was American Thanksgiving I took a week off from writing the weekly wrap up so instead I could do a 1/3 season review. Truthfully the thought of breaking down the individual match ups last week with all the holiday festivities going on around my house was just too daunting. But please don’t be too replete with anger I think you will like this 2 week project instead. In this 2 week edition of the MHT Fantasy Leagues Wrap Up I will breakdown each team instead of each match up.


Montreal Hockey Talk League 1 Currnet Rankings 12/1/14
Jukebox Burgers Division Little Bear Pet Supplies Division
Rank Team W L T Pts Rank Team W L T Pts
2 Me So Vyborny 38 27 5 81 1 East Infection 47 20 3 97
3 Gallagher Gonads 37 28 5 79 4 Parenteau Guidance 38 30 2 78
5 Markov’s Bionic Knee 36 32 2 74 6 Coach Rules 35 32 3 73
7 MC Dreidal 33 31 6 72 8 Eric’s Team 33 34 3 69
10 Verlo Virgins 28 40 2 58 9 The Storm Troubas 30 38 2 62
12 Delta Sleep Blues 20 47 3 43 11 Pucking Right 25 41 4 54


East Infection (#1)

In League 1 East Infection (EI) has held a sizable lead (currently 16 points ahead of 2nd) most of the season and for good reason. They are top 5 in every category except 1 and they’re top 3 in 4 out of 10 overall. Here’s how things are breaking down for EI:

G A +/- PIM’s PPP Hits Wins GAA SV’s SV%
Total Amount 97 169 35 228 77 398 26 2.17 990 0.919
Ranking 2nd 1st 4th 3rd 5th 5th T 3rd 2nd 8th 4th

East Infection seems to only have 1 weak spot on their team and that’s total saves. While they’re tied for 3rd in wins they’re 8th in total saves, that means they’re goalies are getting limited work in the games they play which is fine as long as they keep in winning. The only thing I would do to this team is try and trade for an elite fantasy goalie. I don’t know if Crawford, Holtby and Halak can sustain their current pace. I would be scared of Halak mostly because of his injury history. Selling high on him might be a smart move.  Offensively EI is in great shape because their stars are playing like stars, Tyler Seguin, John Tavares, Duncan Keith, JVR, and Brent Burns are all preforming at the levels expected of them or better. Compound that with some daft FA pick ups and nailing late round draft picks like Tyler Johnson, Brock Nelson, Blake Wheeler, and Erik Johnson who are all out preforming their expected totals by a lot, and you have the makings of a top team.


Me So Vyborny (#2)

Me So Vyborny (MSV) Is holding onto 2nd place right now by only 2 points over 3rd and is only 7 points out of a playoff spot. MSV is leading 4 categories and is top 5 in all but 3. Here’s how things are breaking down for MSV:

G A +/- PIM’s PPP Hits Wins GAA SV’s SV%
Total Amount 102 151 67 190 88 537 25 2.41 1024 0.918
Ranking 1st 4th 1st 6th 1st 1st 5th 6th 7th 5th

MSV is in the same boat as EI when it comes to why their team is winning and where they need to sure up some problem area’s. MSV is counting on the return of John Gibson to give their goaltending the boost it needs. When Gibson returns you can bet that MSV will be looking to move out valuable asset Jonathan Bernier for a PIM’s leader. They should make up ground in net with Elliot’s injury and Allen becoming the #1 in St Louis but, one can never count on injuries in fantasy hockey. MSV is winning for the same reasons that East Infection is in 1st. MSV’s top 3 draft picks (Alex Ovechkin, Carey Price, Max Pacioretty) are playing at or well above their expected level of play. They also nailed the late rounds of the draft and added key free agents like Tyler Taffoli, Jake Allen, and Nick Foligno. With things being so tight it will be interesting to see if MSV can catch East Infection.


Gallagher Gonads (#3)

Gallagher Gonads (GG) is in 3rd place and is doing it solely on the backs of their core group of forwards. Being top 5 in 3 of the 6 offensive categories is helping them win but being 10th in 3 of 4 goalie categories hurts. Here’s how things are breaking down for GG:

G A +/- PIM’s PPP Hits Wins GAA SV’s SV%
Total Amount 84 149 -10 194 78 384 13 2.88 1067 0.905
Ranking 4 6 9 5 4 7 10 10 4 10

GG is getting great production from everywhere in their draft. His offense is led by Patrick Kane, Nicklas Backstrom, Zach Parise, Tyler Bozak, and Ryan Kesler. They’re all playing at All-Star levels and are producing wins for GG. The problem they have is in net, the Mike Smith and Cory Schneider duo has been less than advertised. GG is in 10th place in 3 of 4 categories and that’s just not getting it done. Cory Schneider started out slow but has been good as of late but Mike Smith has been a total let down. Smith is currently being out played by as Coach K put it an AHL goalie in Devan Dubnyk. Hmmmm….. maybe GG should see if they can work a deal out for Bernier?


Parenteau Guidance (#4)

Parenteau Guidance (PG) is in 4th place but goaltending issues might derail their bid for a championship. They are top 3 in 3 offensive categories but are in the bottom half or middle of the pack in every netminding stat. Here’s how things are breaking down for PG:

G A +/- PIM’s PPP Hits Wins GAA SV’s SV%
Total Amount 69 155 56 249 66 395 10 2.85 1025 0.915
Ranking 9 3 2 2 8 6 11 9 6 6

PG is off to a good start hanging out in 4th place but the inconstancy of their line up might be a problem moving forward. PG is in the top 3 in 3 of 6 skater categories with 155 assists but goals just aren’t coming. Any team that has the #1 overall pick and takes Sid “the kid” Crosby better be near the top in assists, so that’s good but I can’t believe that others are not putting the biscuit in the basket. PG has only 1 player with double digit goals (Vladimir Tarasenko 14 goals) and Crosby has 9. Their whole team has solid numbers across the board except for goals which makes leads me to believe that a turn around is coming in the goals department.  PG is being led by Crosby, Tarasenko, Shea Weber, and Kevin Shattenkirk who are all having a great season and with the exception of Crosby (Drafted #1 overall and is currently the #1 rated player) are providing great value compared to where they were drafted. The problem is players like Evander Kane, TJ Oshie, Mats Zuccarello, and Brandon Saad have yet to hit their stride and contribute on a constant basis. PG had problems in net this year mainly because their workhorse Sergei Bobrovsky went down with an injury leaving Craig Anderson and LA Kings backup Martin Jones to carry the load alone. With goalie Bob healthy and if E. Kane, Saad, and Oshie can finally start to find the back of the net more constantly PG will be moving up the standings fast.


Markov’s Bionic Knee (#5)

Markov’s Bionic Knee (MBK) is another team with solid skater numbers but less than average goalie numbers. They top 5 in 5 of 6 skater categories but are in the bottom half of the league in 3 of 4 goalie categories. Here’s how things are breaking down for MBK:

G A +/- PIM’s PPP Hits Wins GAA SV’s SV%
Total Amount 79 149 39 202 80 446 20 2.78 1124 0.908
Ranking T6 5 3 4 3 3 7 8 3 9

MBK is having a little trouble scoring goals this season even with Steven Stamkos on their roster. Stamkos and Toews are the only 2 players that have double digit goals but even though the others are not scoring their +/-, Pim’s, PPP, and Hits are being racked up. MBK needs some of their earlier draft picks to pick up their play, a player like Jerome Iginla a perennial 30/30 guy with 40-50 pims and around 100 hits each year is not even close to that pace.  If they want to remain in playoff contention they will have to make some moves to solidify their secondary scoring. Their goaltending trio of Jonas Hiller, Kari Lehtonen, and Dustin “Ticker” Tokarski seems to be on a bit of a skid. Hiller started the season off on fire but has been losing time to Karri Ramo since the Flames announced they have 2 #1 goalies and will stick with the hot hand. Lehtonen has been plagued by a team that just can’t seem to catch a break. Dallas has had some of the worst puck luck I have ever seen, it seems like every bounce goes for the other team. Lehtonen’s .905 sv% is not good by any stretch but should improve, at the very least his win totals should climb as Dallas’s team shooting % should start to climb because its at an all time low right now. As Habs fans we all love Ticker but he will continue to see very little of the net as long as Price stays healthy. Either way MBK looks to be a team on the rise in the 2nd and 3rd parts of the fantasy hockey season.


Coach Rules (#6)

Coach Rules so far has taken an auto drafted team and put themselves into playoff contention. Solid goaltending seems to be their secret but if they don’t get secondary scoring soon they could find themselves at the bottom of the standings fast. Here’s how things are breaking down for Coach Rules:

G A +/- PIM’s PPP Hits Wins GAA SV’s SV%
Total Amount 74 134 -21 145 70 308 23 2.23 1048 0.927
Ranking 8 7 10 9 7 10 6 3 5 1

Coach Rules is winning because their goalies are playing great and they have Evgeni Malkin and Rick Nash. While Jakub Voracek and Henrik Zetterburg are busy putting up lots of assists, Malkin and Nash are filling out the score sheet. Coach Rules is winning despite being in the bottom half of every skater category. While there goaltending has been very good an injury to Brian Elliott could derail things a bit. Jonathan Quick and Marc-Andre Fleury have been really good this year for fantasy purposes and it shows. Coach Rules is #1 in SV% and #3 in GAA. Getting Derek Stepan back from injury will help this roster a lot, his solid +/- and a potential 25 goals could prove to be a major part of this team hitting its stride. As good as Coach Rules has been, I wonder if Coach K spent a little more time trying to improve his roster through trades and FA pick ups how good his team could really be.


MC Dreidal (#7)

MC Dreidal is only 1 point out of a playoff spot and needs to get healthy to improve their chances of making the playoffs. The injury bug has bit many teams but MC Dreidal seems to be bit harder than most. Here’s how things are breaking down for MC Dreidal:

G A +/- PIM’s PPP Hits Wins GAA SV’s SV%
Total Amount 84 121 26 133 65 305 26 2.38 1240 0.914
Ranking 3 9 6 T10 9 11 T3 5 1 7

MC Dreidal seems to have focused their draft on goal scorers and goalies that play a lot. They’re 3rd in goals, 1st in total saves and 3rd in wins, this is a good start so far considering all the injuries they’ve suffered. With players like Mike Green, Pascal Dupuis, and Brandon Dubinsky all on the IR for extended stays it’s undoubtedly going to take a chunk out of all the skater categories. MC Dreidal’s goaltending has been good through the 1st third of the season and should continue to get better. King Henrik’s numbers should only get better as the Rangers continue to get healthy and as long as Frederik Anderson and Jimmy Howard continue to maintain MC Dreidal should be solid in net. It might be in their best interest to try and trade one of those 3 studs in net for a solid back up and a high assist guy.


Eric’s Team (#8)

Eric’s Team team is is scoring enough points to be a contender but they seem to be giving up too many goals to crack the top 6. Their Goaltending is solid and are tied for 1st in wins and is top 5 in GAA. Here’s how things are breaking down for Eric’s Team:

G A +/- PIM’s PPP Hits Wins GAA SV’s SV%
Total Amount 80 157 -27 174 87 438 27 2.36 977 0.912
Ranking 5 2 12 7 2 4 T1 4 9 8

Eric’s Team has a group of forwards that all score but not at high levels. They only have 2 players (Martin St. Louis & Phil Kessel) with double digit goals but they currently sit 5th in goals, so they must be doing something right. While they’ve scored a total of 237 points they sit dead last in +/- at -27. Eric’s Team needs some help getting pucks in the net from the blueline, only Dennis Wideman with 8 goals has more than 2 and Kris Russell has 0. Eric’s Team is top 5 in 5 of 10 categories and that’s pretty good, but with a few minor tweeks to their roster they could easily move up in each. While Darcy Kuemper and Ryan Miller have been strong in net so far Kuemper has yet to prove he can do it for a full season and Miller is no spring chicken. Adding a quality 3rd goalie and trying to solidify their backend should be number 1 & 2 on their to-do list moving forward.


The Storm Trouba’s (#9)

The Storm Trouba’s (TST) are trying to use the goons and goalie’s method to win but it doesn’t seem to be working. While their goalies are strong and they spend a lot of time in the sin bin they just can’t score enough. Here’s how things are breaking down for TST:

G A +/- PIM’s PPP Hits Wins GAA SV’s SV%
Total Amount 58 110 18 263 53 461 17 2.52 1139 0.922
Ranking 11 11 8 1 10 2 8 7 2 3

TST is leading the way in PIM’s with a whopping 263 minutes and is ranked 2nd in hits with 461. They only have 17 wins and are carrying 4 goalies so I expect that total to climb once Varlamov comes back from injury. TST’s goalies have played well putting them #2 in total saves and #3 in SV%, the problem is their goalies play on bad teams. Niemi, Luongo, Mason, and Varlamov’s teams have all underwhelmed so far in the win department and that’s TST’s problem. While the SV% is high the GAA is also high because they see so many shots. Offensively they sit in 11th in both goals and assists. While their players know how to hit and commit penalties they need to score to to be useful in this league. Having one guy who can score 10-15 goals and get you 100-150 PIMS is great but when you have 3 players like that you lose roster spots for guys that can do more. While Lucic is not scoring as much as you would expect, Roussel and Steven Downie just don’t do enough in the other categories to win sometimes. TST had a strong roster heading into the start of the season but things on paper and the way they play out are always different. While Claude Giroux has put up 20 assists he still only has 7 goals combine that to what the gambling accusations have done to Tomas Vanek (only 2 goals so far) & you’re behind the 8 ball fast.  Maybe trading away a goalie and a goon could score them that much needed offensive threat.


Verlo Virgins (#10)

Verlo Virgins needs help everywhere being in the bottom half of almost every category except the 2 that they’re 6th in. Offensively challenged and goalie deficient the time for free agent adds and trades are here. Here’s how things are breaking down for Verlo Virgins:

G A +/- PIM’s PPP Hits Wins GAA SV’s SV%
Total Amount 79 134 21 165 72 364 14 3.01 689 0.897
Ranking T6 8 7 8 6 8 9 12 11 12

Lets start with the forward core because this team needs help. Verlo Virgins only has 2 players with double digit goals, Ryan Callahan and Corey Perry.  While Perry has 14 goals he only has 6 assists and this team needs more from him to justify a 1st round pick. Verlo’s leading scorer is defenseman Mark Giordano right now with 25 points (6 goals, 19 assists). That’s just not cutting it. Verlo is saddled with players like Matt Duchene, Ales Hemsky, and Bobby Ryan who are all way under preforming compared to their draft position and expectations. Unfortunately for the Verlo Virgins their goaltending is in rough shape as well. Only having 2 goalies is okay sometimes when you have an elite pair but while Ben Bishop can be half that, Robin Lehner is a far cry from elite. Lehner has struggled all season long and is now relegated to back up duties again in Ottawa. Trading a hot D like Giordano and a stud like Perry should land Verlo Virgins the depth up front and in net they need to improve their standing in the league.


Pucking Right (#11)

Pucking Right (PR) is strugging due to injuries and a lack of making daily roster changes. It’s too bad because their goaltending is very strong. Here’s how things are breaking down for PR:

G A +/- PIM’s PPP Hits Wins GAA SV’s SV%
Total Amount 47 89 -22 97 51 174 27 2.05 969 0.926
Ranking 12 12 11 12 11 12 T1 1 10 2

PR epitomizes the absentee owner and this league could be in trouble if they decide to take an interest because they have some nice pieces. Considering they haven’t checked their team since Oct. 2nd the fact that they are tied for 1st in wins and have the best GAA in the league is remarkable. PR’s goalie trio could land them some help with their injury riddled forwards. Losing Nathan Horton and Patrick Sharp really hurts your bottom line but not making daily roster changes kills your chance of competing most of the time. Just moving Chara and Sharp into the empty IR spots until they get healthy and dropping Horton could add as many as 20 goals to their overall total. PR is dead last in 4 of 6 skater categories and in the other 2 they’re in 11th. I will say grabbing Rinne, Backstrom, and Tuukka Rask has led this team to having the best goaltending numbers overall in the league. Trading Rask or Rinne could grab them a top forward and a middle of the road goalie which combined with making daily roster changes could really turn this season around for PR.


Delta Sleep Blues (#12)

Delta Sleep Blues (DSB) is in last place but it’s not for their lack of trying. They lead the league in roster adds with 28, and have tried to do what ever they can to move up the leader board. Here’s how things are breaking down for DSB:

G A +/- PIM’s PPP Hits Wins GAA SV’s SV%
Total Amount 66 117 33 133 50 362 6 2.97 592 0.902
Ranking 10 10 5 T10 12 9 12 11 11 11

DSB didn’t sit around and wait for players to start producing they took action. 28 roster adds so far this year is amazing and shows that they are working like dogs to get out of the basement. Anze Kopitar only has 10 points on the season so far and while that’s bad don’t be surprised when all of sudden you see 70 points and 30+ goals in his stat line by years end. DSB has added young players that are playing well above their projections. Players like Filip Forsberg, Nikita Kucherov, Nino Niederreiter, Jori Lehtera, TJ Brodie, Matt Beleskey, Karri Ramo, and Michael Hutchinson are all playing great and could provide the necessary lift DSB needs to get out of the basement. If I were DSB I would be trying to sell high a lot of these young players for a true #1 goalie and buy low on some under preforming players due for a bounce back. That’s just me but if DSB really believes in all these young guys and they keep up their torrid pace League 1 better watch out because DSB could rise in the standings fast.



League 2

Montreal Hockey Talk League 2 Currnet Rankings 12/1/14
Peel Pub Division Custom Conditioning
Rank Team W L T Pts Rank Team W L T Pts
1 The Rabid Desharnais 41 20 9 91 2 Slashers 41 24 5 87
3 Prusty Trombones 41 27 2 84 6 Nick’s Neat Team 34 32 4 72
4 #50in07 34 27 9 77 7 Kentucky Slims 33 32 5 71
5 Kit Kat 34 28 8 76 8 EightFive 33 34 3 69
11 Pamela’s Triple 8’s 22 24 6 50 9 The #AlmostBourques 29 35 6 64
12 Les Meatballs 20 43 7 47 10 Team Rage 24 42 4 52


The Rabid Desharnais (#1)

The Rabid Desharnais (TRD) is picking up right where they left off last year. TRD is the defending champion and has rode solid production back to 1st place Here’s how things are breaking down for TRD:

Total Amount 87 140 -9 267 74 767 26 2.15 0.922 4
Ranking 4 T4 11 1 4 8 2 2 4 T4

TRD is top 4 in 8 of 10 categories so it’s no surprise that they are leading league 2. Their goaltending trio of Jake Allen, Antti Niemi, and Corey Crawford have been very solid so far posting 26 wins and giving them the 2nd best season in all of league 2 so far. On the skaters end TRD is led by a pair of Penguins that are having career years. Patric Hornqvist and Evgeni Malkin have combined for 23 goals and 32 assists for 55 points so far. Even the defense for TRD gets into the mix with Dennis Wideman and Brent Burns having 8 and 7 goals respectively. The one category that TRD is struggling in is +/-, which is seems strange with all the points they are scoring but never the less they are giving up more goals then they are scoring. If I were TRD I would think about selling on players that seem to be out producing their normal levels because it’s unusual to be 4th in goals and 8th in SOG. That shooting % might dip a bit in the 2nd and 3rd parts of the season. But if things stay the same for TRD they will be tough to beat.


Slashers (#2)

Slashers might be #2 in the standings but don’t sleep on this team because it has some real strenghts. Goaltending has been outstanding and their skaters really know how to score.  Here’s how things are breaking down for Slashers:

Total Amount 69 182 21 225 87 838 29 2.07 0.928 4
Ranking 8 1 4 2 2 4 1 1 T1 T4

Slashers is in the top 4 in an astounding 9 of 10 categories and sits in 1st place in 3 of 4 goaltending categories.  Their only perceived weak spot is in goals but I suspect that to change as long as their team keeps shooting. Its no surprise that Slashers sits 1st in assists with perennial assist leaders like Claude Giroux, Nicklas Backstrom, Henrik Zetterberg, and breakout star Jakub Voracek rostered. It’s also not shocking to see a goaltending tandum that includes Carey Price and Pekka Rinne lead league 2 in 3 of 4 categories. This team seems rock solid top to bottom, and considering they have been without Victor Hedman most of the year I expect them to challange The Rabid Desharnais for the top spot all year long. I guess Slashers will have to decide if they think their players can produce at this pace all year or if they think selling high on some guys is the right thing to do.


Prusty Trombones (#3)

Prusty Trombones (PT) dealt with injuries and terrible play by their goalies and still is in 3rd place. Their skaters have been great but goaltending is a large issue. Here’s how things are breaking down for PT:

Total Amount 88 163 25 150 97 936 12 3.13 0.899 1
Ranking 3 2 3 9 1 1 11 11 12 T9

PT looks like the real deal being in 3rd place which includes top 3 spots in 5 of 6 skater categories. PT has some work to do in net with Sergei Bobrovsky, Mike Smith, and Ben Scrivens leading them to the bottom 2 of all 4 goalie categories. Goalie Bob was injured for a while, Mike Smith has been out played by Devan Dubnyk thus far and Ben Scivens could be the best goalie in the world and would still post terrible numbers playing for Edmonton. Now that Bobrovsky is healthy again and Columbus is starting to regain the form they had last year, PR’s numbers should improve. Or they could deal some of their skater depth for another quality goalie. PT has got great value in 2 draft picks landing Mark Giordano and Valdimir Tarasenko, both are opening eyes all over the league. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for PT.


#50in07 (#4)

#50in07 is struggling offensively but it’s okay because their goalies have been strong. Their problem seems to be some key players under preforming. Here’s how things are breaking down for #50in07:

Total Amount 68 128 -4 178 72 877 17 2.29 0.928 3
Ranking 9 9 8 5 6 2 T6 4 T1 T7

#50in07 skaters are all over the place, they have some guys preforming well above their projected value but they also have some key pieces preforming well below expectations. Some of the bright spots are Blake Wheeler, Johnny Boychuck, and John Carlson. They’re all playing well above their draft slot and are producing some great stats. The problem is its being countered by players like Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Drew Doughty, P.A. Parenteau, David Backes and Bobby Ryan.  All of whom are playing well below their normal fantasy levels. David Backes for instance came into the season as the 50th ranked player overall and right now he is ranked 183th according to Yahoo’s player rater. Backes and the Blues have been disappointing for most of the season and if this lasts much longer #50in07 and the Blues both could be in trouble. The place where #50in07 has been constantly good is in the goaltending department, their backstops of Jonathan Quick, Martin Jones, and Roberto Luongo have all been good. My thought is that #50in07 under preforming players can make it back to their normal production and their surprise players can stay good this team is primed for a breakout.


Kit Kat (#5)

Kit Kat (KK) does 1 thing very well and it’s score goals. While they lead league 2 in goals they’re in the top half of every category except 2 and those they’re in 7th. Here’s how things are breaking down for KK:

Total Amount 91 140 13 176 75 849 26 2.32 0.914 3
Ranking 1 4 7 6 3 3 T2 5 T6 T7

It’s not a surprise that a team with Stamkos on it would lead the league in goals but when you add in Forsberg, Bozak, and Toews it becomes expected. Bozak and Forsberg are a surprise to have double digits goals this early, but good teams always have surprises. Where KK needs work is on the blueline. Pietrangelo, Krug, Niskanen, and Goligoski have become anchors all producing points far below their expectations coming into this season. In net KK’s team is back stopped by Frederik Andersen, Jonas Hiller, and Jimmy Howard. This trio has provided good production so far this season but Hiller is stuck on a team that has said they are going to ride the hot hand and they have 2 #1 goalies. Frederik Andersen is also getting lots of starts right now but expect him to lose time when the future #1 John Gibson returns from injury. This team has been up and down this season but has become more constant as of late and if it stays that way, going deep into the playoffs will happen for KK.


Nick’s Neat Team (#6)

Nick’s Neat Team (NNT) sits in 6 place despite being ranked 11th or 12th in 4 of 10 categories. They’ve survived some injuries and got great goaltending to land in the 6th spot after the 1st third of the fantasy season. Here’s how things are breaking down for NNT:

Total Amount 81 113 -13 103 68 675 25 2.16 0.925 7
Ranking T6 11 12 12 T8 11 4 3 3 1

Goaltending seems to be the key for NNT this season, thanks to Halak and Fleury posting 7 shutouts between them. NNT is top 4 in all of the goalie categories and is 1st in shutouts. They struck gold drafting Rick Nash but the rest of their team is not producing at their expected levels. Despite that, they’ve found themselves in a playoff spot but things could could fall apart if their offense doesn’t pick up their play. Being bottom half in 5 categories is not a recipe for success. Chris Kunitz and Dan Boyle going down to injury this week won’t help either. Players like Pavel Datsyuk, Eric Staal, and Brian Campbell better turn things around soon or NNT will find themselves out of the playoffs.


Kentucky Slims (#7)

Drafting young stars seems to have Kentucky Slims (KS) moving in the right direction. Some key injuries have led to a drop in the standings but the numbers point to a rebound. Here’s how things are breaking down for KS:

Total Amount 89 141 17 144 72 835 19 2.77 0.903 4
Ranking 2 3 6 10 T5 5 5 9 10 T4

KS went youth in their draft and are being rewarded for it. Players like Jaden Schwartz, Tanner Pearson, Ryan Johansen, Brock Nelson, and TJ Brodie have all been great surprises. All of these players except for Johansen (71) were ranked outside the top 150 coming into the season but are all ranked inside the top 35 except for Pearson (150). Injuries and inconstant goaltending have left KS outside of a playoff spot at the 1 third season mark. While Ryan Miller has been constantly decent all year, Onjdrej Pavelec and Steve Mason have been Jekyll and Hyde all season. In Pavelec’s case he’s been solid but Michael Hutchinson has just been better and that means less starts for Pavelec. KS started the season off with a few key injuries that they’re trying to overcome and it’s been tough. Chara, Sharp, and Stepan all either started the season injured or were injured soon after. Stepan is the only player that has returned and he looks good but losing Sharp and Chara is still taking its toll. When they come back look out for KS to be a mover and shaker on the leader board.


EightFive (#8)

Inconstancy has landed EightFive in 8th place but looking at their team I see big things on the horizon. Goaltending has been an issue that’s plagued them all season but they’re trying to plug that hole. Here’s how things are breaking down for EightFive:

Total Amount 85 131 20 205 68 816 17 2.54 0.915 5
Ranking 5 7 5 3 T8 6 T6 7 5 T2

EightFive has solid numbers across the board so its strange to see them sitting in 8th place, but when you dig a little deeper you see why. In EightFive’s losses they have run into teams best weeks and that happens in a head to head league, the schedule just sucks sometimes. This team has a chance to move up in the standings as the season progresses because things usually equal out on the luck side. But if they can’t get more constant goaltending that might not happen. Cory Schneider and Darcy Kuemper have been solid all year but unfortunately their teams have not. The Wild have had no puck luck and one of the leagues worst shooting percentages and the Devils are the leagues oldest team so wins have been hard to come by for both keepers. EightFive has recently added Martin Brodeur and Antti Raanta (both fill-ins for injured starters) to try and add starts but they will be temporary fixes. Maybe trading one of their young kids and a goalie for a true #1 fantasy goalie could help turn things around. But with this roster just sitting tight could work as well.


The #BourquesGone (#9)

The #BourquesGone (TBG) sits in 9th place because they’re in the bottom half of 5 categories. While their point production in middle of the pack PIM’s and shutouts really need work. Here’s how things are breaking down for TBG:

Total Amount 81 135 38 132 69 809 17 2.64 0.914 1
Ranking T6 6 2 11 7 7 T6 8 T6 T9

TBG’s skaters are all doing well but the problem they have is in net. 2 of their 3 goalies were in the discussion for the Veinza trophy coming into this season. Unfortunately for TBG none of them are playing at that level currently. All 3 netminders have a sub .920 sv% and Lehtonen and the now injured Varlamov both are hovering around a 3.00 GAA. That GAA is misleading for both goalies only because their teams have been so bad defensively. I expect all 3 goalies to turn it around in the last 2 thirds of the season but if they don’t TBG is in major trouble. I like the top end of their draft where they grabbed Seguin, Pavelski, Simmons, and Couture. Those players are what we call 5 category players because they all contribute to 5 of the 6 categories. They also grabbed a couple of surprises like Nick Foligno and Tyler Johnson who have produced at an elite level so far. If they can get some help in net and at least a couple of their duds like Christian Ehrhoff and T.J. Oshie to start producing this team could present problems for the rest of the league.


Team Rage (#10)

It’s not a surprise to see Team Rage (TR) at the bottom of the standings when you look at the numbers. They seem to be struggling in every category because of under preforming All-Stars. Here’s how things are breaking down for TR:

Total Amount 59 105 -6 151 35 720 16 2.84 0.902 1
Ranking 11 12 10 8 12 9 10 10 11 T9

TR is plagued by exceptional players not coming close to those expectations. Players like Anze Kopitar, Thomas Vanek, Patrik Elias, Marian Gaborik, Matt Duchene, and Jarome Iglina have all not just been bad but career worse bad. When you add in the injured players like Ryan McDonagh, Mike Green, and Joffrey Lupul it makes for a gloomy situation. Team Rage does have at least one bright spot and that’s Kris Versteeg. He’s been nothing short of amazing for TR and now that he’s getting time on the Blackhawks 2nd line with Patrick Kane and Brad Richards I don’t see that production stopping. TR drafted the #1 fantasy goalie coming into this season in Tuukka Rask, but his Bruins have been so bad that it’s pushed Rask’s numbers down to the middle of the pack. TR’s other goalie is on the inconstant Maple Leafs and that spells disaster for Jonathan Bernier and TR. TR could surge in the last 2 thirds of the season if his stars start to play like stars. I’m not sure what it would take for TR to trade some of their stars but they certianly have a lot of buy low players. This means TR will have to be careful when dipping into the trade waters. TR also has to be careful to not hold on to under producing players too long and be forced to drop them for nothing.


Pamela’s Triple 8’s (#11)

Pamela’s Triple 8’s (PT8) is in the same boat as Team Rage because of the same problems. PT8’s stars are not playing like stars and they are getting modest goaltending from what should be a really solid pair. Here’s how things are breaking down for PT8:

Total Amount 57 128 -4 201 67 658 17 2.49 0.911 5
Ranking 12 T8 T8 4 10 12 T6 6 8 T2

Lets take a look at some of the players that are dragging PT8’s to the bottom of league 2. Jason Spezza, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Dustin Brown, Michael Del Zotto, and Cody Hodgson are all players that should be top players on this team but are playing like bottom feeders. PT8’s is also in having an issue leaving players in starting positions that are on the IR. This is a dead roster spot that could be used for somebody that could at least put up a point or SOG every once in a while but when a player is on the IR you’re guaranteed nothing. Each league has 2 IR spots which means you can put them on IR (as long as they are on IR in real life) and add 2 players without having to drop anybody. They can stay on IR until they’re healthy enough to comeback (like in real life). PT8 has Kris Letang and Pascal Dupuis in starting positions and both are on the IR for extended time. Letang is a recent addition to the IR and worth holding onto but Dupuis is probably safe to drop because he will be out for a long time with a blood clot and might not play again (I really hope this is not the case). If some players bounce back and if PT8’s start to better manager their roster things could turn around in a hurry.


Les Meatballs (#12)

Les Meatballs is one those team that has turned a #1 overall pick into a last place team. Goaltending is a total disaster for this team and when you see the numbers you will agree. Here’s how things are breaking down for Les Meatballs:

Total Amount 66 124 46 172 52 704 9 3.17 0.904 0
Ranking 10 10 1 7 11 10 12 12 9 12

Les Meatballs has failed to meet the minimum goalie starts 2 of 7 weeks so far. If they want to move out of the basement they need help in the crease. The Robin Lehner and Cam Ward tandum is not getting the job done so far and I am not sure is a winning formula. If you’re going to only carry 2 goalies you better make sure of a couple of things, 1 that they’re bonafide starters that play 60-65 games and 2 that they play for teams that are playoff bound. Neither of these goalies meet that criteria and it shows in the numbers, Les Meatballs are last in every goalie category except SV%. On the bright side they’re #1 in +/- and have some nice pieces on the skaters side. Sidney Crosby, Zach Parise, Max Pacioretty, and Ryan Callahan have all produced as advertised or better. I am sure if they decide to move Crosby they could land that #1 goalie they so desperately need and a solid forward or 2 in return. I love that even though Les Meatballs is in last place they haven’t given up and continue to fight in hopes of making the playoffs. I guess its fitting that Brendan Gallagher on their team because while they might be a long shot to make it they won’t go down without a fight.

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After 5 weeks I have noticed a few things that people seem to be confused about. So this week I thought it was important to disseminate some information just to ensure everyone is on the same page. Lets take for instance the IR spots, here is a link on how the IR spots work from yahoo. Please take a moment to look at it and read it. A lot of you are dropping valuable players that you can stash on the IR without losing a roster spot just because somebody is out a couple of weeks. Those players will be helpful when they return. Setting your lineup in advance ensures that you at least have starting players for each day without having to check it everyday. Here is a link with team management tips. Please take 3 minutes and read this to gain a little bit better understanding of how the league works. I hope this helps all of you out there to continue to enjoy this year fantasy leagues.


Fans of Montreal Hockey Talk League 1

Montreal Hockey Talk League 1 Currnet Rankings 11/17/14
Jukebox Burgers Division Little Bear Pet Supplies Division
Rank Team W L T Pts Rank Team W L T Pts
2 Gallagher’s Gonads 28 19 3 59 1 East Infection 35 14 1 71
3 MC Dreidal 26 19 5 57 5 Parenteau Guidance 26 22 2 54
4 Me So Vyborny 26 21 3 55 7 Kosta’s Team 24 24 2 50
6 Markov’s Bionic Knee 26 23 1 53 8 The Storm Troubas 24 26 0 48
9 Verlo Virgins 21 28 1 43 10 Eric’s Team 19 29 2 40
12 Delta Sleep Blues 15 33 2 32 11 Pucking Right 17 29 4 38


Me So Vyborny slithers past Eric’s Team

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Me So Vyborny 9 17 0 14 7 72 5 1.6 123 0.939 5
Eric’s Team 12 19 10 25 6 46 5 2.44 121 0.903 4


It typical snake fashion Me So Vyborny got lucky to win this week. Although goals and assists were close MSV lost +/- by a large margin and got lucky to win PPP. MSV had a strong week from their goaltenders, posting a league leading GAA, SV%, and tied for the league lead in wins with 2 other teams. Unfortunately for MSV, Eric’s Team was 1 of the other 2 teams with 5 wins.  Eric’s team rode average puck stopping to 5 wins thanks the trio of R. Miller, D. Kuemper, and B. Elliott. Miller had 1 bad start that led to the large gap in GAA and SV% between the teams.  MSV was led by Max Pacioretty’s 6 point week (2G, 4A) which coincides with everybody’s favorite team the Habs 6 game winning streak. It was a good week for the Habs and a lucky week for MSV.


Delta Sleep Blues awakens the Jedi force to counter The Storm Troubas

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
The Storm Troubas 4 10 1 33 4 64 3 2.97 177 0.908 3
Delta Sleep Blues 11 21 3 8 9 70 1 1.66 85 0.934 7


The Delta Sleep Blues might be in last place but they’re not rolling over for anybody. While The Storm Troubas continued their dominance in the PIM’s category, they fell flat in the others. TST piled up 3 wins and 177 total saves to split the waffle blockers categories but that only gave them 3 total wins for the week. DSB really came alive scoring 32 points (11G, 21A) and got some solid net minding from everybody’s favorite player to ruin a great Montreal Canadiens season Cam Ward. Truthfully I hope DSB feels a little dirty playing Cam Ward considering this is a fantasy hockey league filled with Canadiens fans. In all honesty I’m sure all of us have at least 1 or 2 players like that on our rosters. But I digress, DSB showed that they are not going quietly into the night even though they are in last place. I am sure trade offers including a goaltender or 2 would be welcomed by DSB  but for now their offense seems to be firing on all cylinders.


Parenteau Guidance uses 8th grade health class to avoid East Infection

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Parenteau Guidance 10 24 4 37 8 62 2 2.67 194 0.915 5
East Infection 15 21 0 32 8 58 4 2.33 139 0.921 4


Parenteau Guidance seemed to navigate around East Infection this week like an old pro from Chez Parée. By spreading itself like the mumps through the western conference, the powerhouse East Infection seems to be taking over League 1 with a whopping 12 point lead over 2nd place. EI got solid production from their goalies but did not start enough games to over take PG in total SV’s. PG is in 5th place and only 5 points out of 2nd place but they are also only 6 points out of 8th place. PG robbed the cradle during the draft but it seems to be paying off with players like Tarasenko, Pearson, Saad, and Oshie all providing them with solid production. I wonder if the young pups can continue to produce at such a torrid pace?


Markov’s Bionic Knee equaled the size of Gallagher’s Gonads

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Markov’s Bionic Knee 6 16 -2 26 4 49 4 2.72 197 0.912 5
Gallagher’s Gonads 15 20 7 10 9 52 2 2.89 146 0.896 5


Gallagher’s Gonads and Markov’s Bionic knee skated to a 5-5 deadlock this week. The tie in fantasy hockey is about as exciting as watching New Jersey’s Devils hockey circa 2000. I can say that both teams are still in playoff positions and if designing your teams in the NJ Devils trap style leads to overall titles at least they will be happy. GG’s goal scoring exploded this week for 15 goals with Kesler netting 3 and Kane, Subban, and Parise all hitting the twine twice. MBK had solid goaltending that gained him a sweep of those categories and allowed them to equal the offensive prowess of GG.


MC Dreidal takes Verlo Virgins to make out point and scores

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Verlo Virgins 6 13 10 20 5 48 1 3.36 91 0.901 4
MC Dreidal 14 16 7 16 4 43 2 2.72 187 0.903 6


MC Dreidal took the fight to Verlo Virgins by getting Jimmy Howard and King Henrik going this week. MD completely dominated the goaltending categories. VV tried to be sneaky and start Reimer against the Sabres but that 1 start ended up destroying any chance they had to capture any of the goaltending categories. MD continued to get solid production up front from their whole team, only 2 players had multi-goal weeks proving that production from everybody not just 1 or 2 big point guys can work too. Both teams stayed put in the standings this week, but as discussed before both teams are right in the mix because everyone is so close.


Little brother Kosta’s Team earns revenge over older brother Pucking Right

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Pucking Right 5 11 -3 12 7 27 4 2.61 136 0.907 4
Kosta’s Team 8 19 -1 27 7 54 2 3.33 130 0.903 5


In the battle for bragging rights in the Papoulias house, #CoachIsAlwaysRight seemed to be the answer this week. Getting the upper hand on your bigger brother is always nice and Coach was able to squeak out a victory over his older in house rival.  These match-ups are always tougher on the other family then the actual two competing. I can picture mama Papoulias wearing a Manning style half Kosta’s Team and Half Pucking Right jersey all week. Slapping hands with wooden spoons at the dinner table telling the boys “No fantasy hockey talk at the dinner table” all while cooking Moussaka and munching on Dolmathakia (stuffed grape leaves for you non-greek food fans).  But truthfully I’m sure knowing Coach K as we do, it was probably nothing but a constant stream of incoherent swearing and blaming Tom Gilbert for his team not producing as well as he would have liked even though he got the win. FYI Tom Gilbert isn’t even on his team but we know how Kosta feels about Tom Gilbert. Kosta’s team did get the win but Pucking Right’s goalies again played well enough to sweep the goaltending categories and seems to be the only thing keeping them out of last place. If Pucking Right or Kosta’s team wants to advance up the leaderboard they better heed my advice and read the links above to better understand how to maximize their rosters.


Fans of Montreal Hockey Talk League 2

Montreal Hockey Talk League 2 Currnet Rankings 11/17/14
Peel Pub Division Custom Conditioning
Rank Team W L T Pts Rank Team W L T Pts
1 Prusty Trombones 35 13 2 72 2 Slashers 26 20 56 56
3 #50in07 27 17 6 60 6 The #AlmostBourques 24 22 4 52
4 The Rabid Desharnais 27 18 5 59 7 EightFive 25 24 1 51
5 Kit Kat 24 19 7 55 8 Nick’s Neat Team 23 23 4 50
11 Les Meatballs 13 32 5 31 9 Kentucky Slims 23 23 4 50
12 Pamela’s Triple 8’s 13 33 4 30 10 Team Rage 16 32 2 34



Nick’s Neat team proves to have the antidote to a bad case of The Rabid Desharnais

The Rabid Desharnais 10 18 -1 32 2 86 4 2.41 0.916 0 4
Nick’s Neat Team 10 15 -5 8 7 113 3 2.4 0.919 1 5


Nick’s Neat Team and The Rabid Desharnais came dangerously close to a tie this week. NNT was able to narrowly escape with a victory thanks to some strong play by Phil Kessel and Jarsolv Halak. NNT’s team started to move in the right direction this week by getting a healthy Dan Boyle back and finally starting to put up points.  They have a tough road ahead but are only 2 points out of a playoff spot in League 2 and now with a healthy blue line things are looking up. TRD on the other hand has bounced around the top of the standings but has settled into a solid 4th place spot for 2 weeks now. Last year’s league champ TRD has had an up and down season this year thanks to the inconstant play of their D core. Trevor Daily for example had 10 points in his first 13 games but since has 0 points and is a -6 in his last 5 games. The time to sell on Daily might have pasted but who knows maybe he can catch fire again, either way if TRD’s D core doesn’t become more constant repeating will be difficult.


Les Meatballs overcomes goaltending issues to stop the Slashers

Slashers 4 20 3 25 5 100 5 1.84 0.928 1 4
Les Meatballs 8 23 16 32 6 120 0 5.03 0.868 0 6
Les Meatballs did not meet the minimum requirements for Goalie Starts of 2


Les Meatballs swept all the skating categories to gain the victory, and its a good thing because they didn’t meet the games played minimum for a 2nd straight week. Les Meatballs needs to find a way to fix its issues in net because the 8 goals they scored is not going to get you many wins. Les Meatball was able to gain a 6-4 victory this week but they’re still 1 point out of last place and that’s not were anybody wants to be. Just as a side note there is no reason to tank because last place in fantasy hockey does not get you the 1st pick in next years draft. No Dishonor for Conner in this league! Les Meatballs has some very valuable skaters like Parise, Pacioretty, E. Kane, Crosby, and everyone’s favorite youngster Galchenyuk, these players could really help them land some help in net. Slashers had a rough week on the offensive end getting completely swept but had tremendous goaltending for the week. Sweeping the goaltending categories is great but you better at least win 1 offensive category or you will still lose 6-4. Slashers team just went through a dry spell this week and I’m sure will bounce back next week. They sit comfortably in 2nd place with 56 points atop the Custom Conditiong division and with some more constant scoring they will look to try and take over the #1 spot.


Prusty Trombones takes Kit Kat to the wood shed and puts them down

Kit Kat 12 17 0 10 5 103 2 3.55 0.863 0 1
Prusty Trombones 11 29 6 26 16 130 3 2.72 0.913 0 8


Kit Kat suffered the same fate as Old Yeller this week, being put down shouldn’t be easy but in this case Prusty Trombones had no trouble at all. Kit Kat won 1 category and tied 1, they got thoroughly dominated this week in every other place. I would love to say it was because of injuries or they forgot to set their line up, but that’s not the case. Kit Kat’s problem is that their stars didn’t show up, players like Stamkos, Taylor Hall, and Alex Pietrangelo were no shows this week. Prusty Trombones’s stars on the other hand came to play, Patrice Bergeron, Vladimir Tarasenko, and Brian Elliott all had strong weeks that left Kit Kat broken. Prusty Trombones continues to dominate League 2 sitting atop the leaderboad with 72 points and a 12 point cushion on their next closest competitor. We all need to remember that Fantasy Hockey is a marathon not a sprint, there is still 16 regular season weeks left which is plenty of time for anybody to catch up.


EightFive turns The #AlmostBourques into the #AHLBourques

EightFive 13 17 -9 17 7 113 3 3.02 0.894 1 8
The #AlmostBourques 10 13 3 16 3 96 2 3.14 0.905 0 2


EightFive sent The #AlmostBourques to the AHL in this 8-2 drubbing of what was the 2nd place team in League 2. While neither teams backstops were good, EightFive’s was just less bad. Eightfive earned a shutout from Cory Schneider which proved to be the decisive effort in goalltending. They were led upfront by the #1 star of the NHL last week rookie Jori Lehtera, with 4G, 2A, and a +5. Getting production from rookies you either picked up off the Free Agent wire or drafted very late can lead to league titles, this is a situation to watch. TAB’s tumbled down the rankings after this horrible loss from 2nd place all the way to 6th, showing just how volatile things are in League 2 right now.


#50in07 steps on Pamela’s Triple 8’s to climb up the leaderboad

Pamela’s Triple 8’s 7 10 -5 32 5 90 2 1.56 0.948 1 4
#50in07 12 16 1 22 7 121 2 2.62 0.92 0 5


#50in07 jumped from 5th to 3rd on the back of last place Pamela’s Triple 8’s.  PT8’s needs some of their players to start producing at their drafted level. Players like Dustin Brown, Evgeny Kuznetsov, and Pascal Dupuis are not producing anywhere near what they need. Having a player or 2 not pan out happens to all of us but to have as many as PT8’s has, is making things very difficult to overcome. On a positive not PT8’s goalies have been strong as of late, King Henrik and Holtby seem to be finding their stride and turning in strong performances. #50in07 has been able to stay in the hunt for the top spot in league 2 thanks to players like Patrick Kane and Jonathan Quick playing at all-star levels. #50in07 needs to continue the consistent play that has brought them to 3rd place.


Team Rage channels its inner zen to bring Kentucky Slims to their knees

Kentucky Slims 11 22 9 16 7 109 1 3.95 0.851 0 3
Team Rage 12 18 -4 25 6 118 3 2.36 0.923 0 6


Kentucky Slims had their goaltending fall off a cliff this week, garnering only 1 win, .851 SV% and allowed a GAA of almost 4. Team Rage on the other hand got exactly what they needed from their goalies and skaters to gain a 6-3 victory. Team Rage is in 10 place and will need a string of wins to catch up and put themselves in playoff contention. If Kentucky Slims can just get healthy that will surely help turn their fall from 1st to 9th place around almost instantly. It’s not like even in 9th place Kentucky has far to climb, they’re only 6 points out of 2nd place. They should be excited about their chances to turn this run of bad luck around.

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Fans of Montreal Hockey Talk League 1

Montreal Hockey Talk League 1 Currnet Rankings 11/10/14
Jukebox Burgers Division Little Bear Pet Supplies Division
Rank Team W L T Pts Rank Team W L T Pts
2 Gallagher’s Gonads 23 14 3 49 1 East Infection 31 9 0 62
3 MC Dreidal 20 15 5 45 5 Parenteau Guidance 21 18 1 43
4 Me So Vyborny 21 17 2 44 7 The Storm Troubas 21 19 0 42
6 Markov’s Bionic Knee 21 18 1 43 8 Kosta’s Team 19 20 1 39
9 Verlo Virgins 17 22 1 35 10 Eric’s Team 15 24 1 31
12 Delta Sleep Blues 8 30 2 18 11 Pucking Right 13 24 3 29


Me So Vyborny puts a Brandon Prust style beat down on Kosta’s Team

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Me So Vyborny 13 19 8 41 14 67 4 2.17 142 0.928 7
Kosta’s Team 11 16 -1 16 10 38 4 1.36 130 0.949 2


Me So Vyborny (MSV) won every offensive category this week and put Kosta’s team in a sleeper hold so tight not even Hulk Hogan could power his way out. Kosta’s goalies had stellar weeks any fantasy team would be jealous of but MSV was able to equal him in wins and grab 12 more saves which pushed him to a big victory. Going into week 4 Kosta’s team was in 4th place (34 points) and MSV was in 6th place (29 points). After week 4’s big win MSV took over Kosta’s 4th place spot and poor Kosta took a tumble in the standings down to 8th place. Max Pacioretty only had 1 goal for MSV this week but put up a whopping 10 hits to help propel MSV to victory this week. Kosta’s goalie tandum of Quick and Fleury proved to be absolutely on point this week, posting the lowest GAA and 2nd highest SV% in League 1. It’s too bad they didn’t have more games this week or Kosta’s could have swept all the pad stacking categories.


The Strom Troubas keep on marching right past Pucking Right

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
The Storm Troubas 13 12 8 38 9 64 1 3.28 115 0.898 7
Pucking Right 4 10 4 14 2 16 4 1.48 103 0.945 3


The dark side of the force is strong in The Storm Troubas (TST), it’s so strong in fact that after losing the 1st 2 weeks of the season they’ve bounced back with a 2 game winning streak. The dark side of the force really seemed to push its way into TST’s Antoine Roussel and David Backes as of late. Roussel with 16 PIMS and Backes with 13 hits were really gooning it up this week. Pucking Right seems to be bitten by the injury bug lately with Taylor Hall, Nathan Horton, Torey Krug, and Zdeno Chara all on the IR and Patrick Sharp headed there shortly. His dynamic duo of goaltenders comprised of Tuukka Rask and Pekka Rinne have been dominate all year and this week was no exception. If Pucking Right can get healthy and start making their daily rosters changes this team could really get better fast.


Parenteau Guidance guides MC Dreidal right off the table

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Parenteau Guidance 12 27 14 25 15 66 2 1.48 129 0.956 8
MC Dreidal 7 22 -2 17 12 47 2 1.95 156 0.929 1


Parenteau Guidance used solid a solid week from their offense and a dominate goaltending performance to roll to an 8-1 victory over team MC Dreidal. Parenteau got 3 great starts from Craig Anderson this week, combined his totals for week 4 are an 0.65 GAA, a .981 SV%, and 102 total SV’s. While MC Dreidal had good enough goaltending to beat most teams this week Anderson week was too much to overcome. MC Dreidal only put up 7 goals and only had one skater put up more than 1 goal (Joe Pavel 2G), that’s a rough week. I will say MC Dreidal has done some damage on the PP, with 29 total points for week 4 17 of those were on the PP, that’s an impressive total. Lets see if Parenteau Guidance is ready to guide their team to another victory and if MC Dreidal can be spun “right round baby right round” into a win in week 5.


Markov’s Bionic Knee grows after bout with Verlo Virgins

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Markov’s Bionic Knee 12 17 6 33 16 83 3 2.53 156 0.918 6
Verlo Virgins 14 20 2 17 14 49 1 2.52 59 0.922 4


Markov’s Bionic Knee (MBK) and Verlo Virgins had a close matchup up this week with only 3 categories that were blowouts (PIM, H, and SV). MBK went strong up the middle with Steven Stamkos (2G, 1A) and Jonathan Toews (2G, 3A) and that proved to be the difference in this match up. The Verlo Virgins had a good week but it was just not good enough to overcome MBK’s strong performance across the board. These teams have been battlers all year and look to both have big weeks in week 5. Everyone is still in the mix early on in the season but these teams have proved to be formidable foes.


Delta Sleep Blues chokes on Gallagher’s Gonads in loss

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Gallagher’s Gonads 10 13 -14 12 10 50 2 2.37 161 0.925 6
Delta Sleep Blues 6 19 8 21 5 50 0 5.15 25 0.833 3
Delta Sleep Blues did not meet the minimum requirements for Goalie Starts of 2


Gallagher’s Gonads proved to be too large for Delta Sleep Blues (DSB) to sallow this week. DSB really needed help in net as they failed to meet the 2 start minimum for goaltenders. Delta is in need of serious goaltending help moving forward with only Robin Lehner and Michael Hutchinson acting as gate keepers. They will be hard pressed to get the 2 start minimum each week forcing them to forfit every goalie category. Even if they do get the 2 starts Ottawa and Winnipeg don’t instill a lot of confidence that they can get them wins. Start offering Delta some trades involving your extra goaltending depth and who know it might work out for the both of you. Gallagher’s Gonads put up some concrete offensive numbers this week despite having only 1 player with 3 points (N. Backstrom 2G, 1A). Gallagher’s Gonads has been solid this year getting even production across the gambit from all his players. Lets see if DSB can pull off a worst to first in the remaining weeks, but if they are going to do that, going after at least 1 goaltender is a must. Gallagher’s Gonads on the other hand just needs to maintain the steady play that has brought them into 1st place in the Jukebox Burgers Division and 2nd place overall.


East Infection is resistant to the antibiotics of Eric’s Team

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
East Infection 19 28 7 28 16 52 4 1.81 157 0.935 9
Eric’s Team 9 21 -23 18 9 80 2 2.77 134 0.905 1


East Infection is quickly becoming the MRSA of League 1. They may have lost last week but with a big win this week they have distanced themselves from the pack by 13 points. It doesn’t seem to matter what type of team they play either offensive minded or goaltender centric East Infection finds a way to win. This week it all came together for East Infection, posting great numbers across the spectrum including a whopping 47 total points (19G, 28A) and 4 wins. It seems the only stat that wasn’t perfect for them was Hits and Eric’s Team did plenty of that this week with 80 total hits (2nd in the league). East Infection had 4 players with multi-goal weeks including Tyler Johnson’s 4 and Tyler Seguin’s 3. Eric’s team offensively didn’t have a bad week but it was nothing compared to the sublime week East Infection had. Goaltending was an issue for Eric Team’s this week but I have a feeling that won’t last Elliot, Kuemper, and Miller have been nothing short of spectacular this year except for this week. I fully expect them to bounce back next week and show up strong for Eric’s Team moving forward.


Fans of Montreal Hockey Talk League 2

Montreal Hockey Talk League 2 Currnet Rankings 11/10/14
Peel Pub Division Custom Conditioning
Rank Team W L T Pts Rank Team W L T Pts
1 Prusty Trombones 27 12 1 55 2 The #AlmostBourques 22 14 4 48
3 KitKat 23 11 6 52 6 Slashers 22 14 4 48
4 The Rabid Desharnais 23 13 4 50 7 Kentucky Slims 20 17 3 43
5 #50in07 22 13 5 49 8 Nick’s Neat Team 18 19 3 39
11 Pamela’s Triple 8’s 9 28 3 21 9 EightFive 17 22 1 35
12 Krash Kar’s 7 28 5 19 10 Team Rage 10 29 1 21


The Rabid Desharnais turns Team Rage into #AlmostWonAWeekTeamRage

The Rabid Desharnais 14 12 -16 29 8 122 4 2.16 0.923 2 6
Team Rage 7 15 -3 12 2 95 2 1.46 0.933 0 4


Team Rage had 2 great performances from Tuukka Rask which gave them the ability to overcome The Rabid Desharnais (TRD) shutouts from Corey Crawford and Jake Allen. #AlmostTeamRage was able to win 2 of the 4 goal categories in week 4. They kept things close this week after getting blown out each of the 1st 3 weeks. #AlmostTeamRage was able to muster up enough Assists and keep his +/- manageable to grab 2 more offensive categories, but TRD was able to dominate in the others areas. Patric Hornqvist led the way for TRD by posting 4 points (3G, 1A) and was one of only 4 players on their roster that posted a positive +/- for the week. I must say TRD’s -16 for the week is quite the feat considering they put up 26 points (14G, 12A) and surprisingly TRD was tied for worst in the league in +/- with Nick’s Neat Team in week 4. TRD dropped to 4th in the standings despite winning 6-4. It just goes to show you how close and dare I say competitive League 2 is, just like the NHL, parody is key in awesome fantasy leagues like this one.


Slashers takes a sheet out of the Charlestown Chiefs playbook to send Kentucky Slims packing

Slashers 16 16 -3 53 15 113 3 2.25 0.929 0 6
Kentucky Slims 9 21 9 16 10 105 3 2.48 0.922 0 2


Slashers looked like the Charlestown Chiefs this week using its 53 PIM’s to cruse to an easy 6-2 victory over Kentucky Slims. Slashers got a astonishing 16 PIM’s from Dustin Byfuglien (12 were earned in 1 game), which is enough to equal Kentucky’s Slims total for the week. Scott Hartnell (4G & 9PIM’s), Claude Giroux (2G, 3A), and Jakub Voracek (3G, 3A) were Slashers top performers this week and league leaders for the season. Slashers really put together a team that can compete and is steadily climbing up League 2’s leader board after a slow start. Kentucky Slims needs to find a way to reverse the slide they have been on lately, after being in 1st place after week 2 they have slid to 7th overall at the end of this week. Reversing this slide is going to be tough with players like Patrick Sharp, Radim Vrbata, Zdeno Chara, and John Gibson all on the shelf with various injuries. Its definitely doable with their daft GM skills, so it’s no time to panic there is still lots of season left.


Kit Kat breaks off a win from Pamela’s Triple 8’s

Kit Kat 12 24 4 14 16 131 3 2.2 0.92 0 8.
Pamela’s Triple 8’s 5 16 2 24 8 88 2 2.69 0.911 0 1


Kit Kat dominated this match up everywhere except for the PIM’s and shutout categories, which is ok when you win 8-1-1. Kit Kat got some sound production from their stars, led by Steven Stamkos (2G, 1A), Jonathan Toews (2G, 3A), and everybody’s favorite Swede Johan Frazen (2G, 3A). Pamela’s Triple 8’s have tumbled down the leader board to 11th overall because of some draft picks like Dustin Brown (2G, 0A) and Cody Hodgson (1G, 1A) not producing much offensively. Kit Kat is at the other end of the spectrum in 3rd place, they are getting solid production from the top to bottom of their lineup. Kit Kat built their team much like you want your favorite actual NHL franchise to do, strong up the middle with a good mix of youth and veterans. The top contenders in League 2 better watch out it looks like Kit Kat is coming to win.


#50in07 gets their inner Heater hot like it’s ’07 in their defeat of EightFive

EightFive 9 18 0 54 13 95 1 2.89 0.906 0 3
#50in07 8 19 14 30 7 105 2 1.75 0.933 0 6


EightFive tried to goon it up Ogie Oglethorpe style to gain the victory but #50in07 was having none of it. #50in07 used a strong work ethic on defense and Carey Price like goaltending to win Week 4. They were led by forwards Blake Wheeler (1G, 3A) and Jonathan Drouin (3A) on the offensive end, but the real magic this week was provided by the 2010 Olympic hero Roberto Luongo. He posted 2 wins, a paltry 0.97 GAA, and a sick .962 SV% for week 4. EightFive just couldn’t keep pace with that production on the back end but was able to net 13 PPP out of 27 total points. EightFive better figure out their problems because they are sitting in 9th place and they are out of the playoffs. Things can quickly turn desperate in the crazy world of fantasy hockey. #50in07 is holding strong in 5th place, but with all these teams so close in the standings, no spot is safe and every week matters.


Prusty Trombones gets Jiggy with it and drives Krash Kars off a cliff

Prusty Trombones 14 26 3 16 17 135 1 2.99 0.911 0 10
Krash Kars 4 14 -6 14 2 86 0 6 0.846 0 0
Krash Kars did not meet the minimum requirements for Goalie games played of 2


Krash Kars is really struggling and not meeting the minimum games played requirement for goalies didn’t help. Not getting your 2 minimum games means they lose all goaltending categories. Krash Kars really needs to make a trade or scour the waiver wire for better netminders because Jhonas Enroth is their only healthy goalie. Losing Sergei Bobrovsky certainly doesn’t help but they’re going to have to find a plan B if they want to move out of last place. Prusty Trombones dominated this performance like the Habs do the rest of the NHL in Stanley Cups. Unfortunately for Krash Kars not even Sidney Crosby’s 6 Assists was enough to overcome the loss of Zach Parise and goalie Bob to win even 1 category. Prusty Trombones used the 10-0 victory to gain 1st place in league 2 thanks to the inspired play from Valdimir Tarasenko. Tarasenko netted 3 goals (2 of which if you haven’t seen please go look them up because they were that good) and he also added 3 helpers, which contributed 6 points to Prusty’s sultry total of 40 points for the week.


The #AlmostBourques uses offensive to slip past Nick’s neat team

The #AlmostBourques 19 19 6 20 15 113 3 3.19 0.898 0 5
Nick’s Neat Team 14 14 -16 14 12 113 4 1.46 0.946 1 4


The #AlmostBourques (#AB) and Nick’s Neat Team (NNT) engaged in the most hotly contested matchup of the week in league 2. #AB won all the offensive categories and believe it or not #AB and NNT tied in SOG at 113 each. NNT had some inspired goaltending from their dyad of Marc-Andre Fleury and Jaroslav Halak, as they swept every puck stopping category. #AB was led by a sextuplet of players that all had 4 points, Nick Bonino (3G, 1A), Logan Couture (1G, 3A), Nick Foligno (3G, 1A), Joe Pavelski (2G, 2A), Tyler Seguin (3G, 1A), and finally Tyler Johnson (4G). I wonder how long NNT can compete without making lineup changes daily, I guess only time will tell. #AB is getting constant play up front but that goaltending has some warts, maybe a potential trade could fix that.

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Included in this post is the link to the leagues on Yahoo and at the bottom is the list of teams and their Twitter Handle. Lets give everyone the #MTLHockey bump.

Fans of Montreal Hockey Talk League 1

Montreal Hockey Talk League 1 Currnet Rankings 11/3/14
Jukebox Burgers Division Little Bear Pet Supplies Division
Rank Team W L T Pts Rank Team W L T Pts
2 MC Dreidal 19 7 4 42 1 East Infection 22 8 0 44
3 Gallagher’s Gonads 17 11 2 36 4 Kosta’s Team 17 13 0 34
5 Markov’s Bionic Knee 15 14 1 31 7 Eric’s Team 14 15 1 29
6 Me So Vyborny 14 15 1 29 8 The Storm Troubas 14 16 0 28
9 Verlo Virgins 13 16 1 27 10 Parenteau Guidance 13 17 0 26
12 Delta Sleep Blues 5 24 1 11 11 Pucking Right 10 17 3 23


Me So Vyborny pops Verlo Virgins loss cherry

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Me So Vyborny 11 23 2 29 15 87 3 1.76 128 0.934 8
Verlo Virgins 6 13 5 26 6 42 4 2.76 126 0.92 2


Verlo Virgins and Me So Vyborny were headed in 2 different directions heading into week 3. Verlo had won it’s last 2 weeks while Vyborny had tied and was destroyed 1-8 by Gallagher’s Gonads.  Me So Vyborny’s coach seemed to push all the right buttons this week after bag skating his guys on Monday and benching Captain Dustin Brown. It seemed to spur Vyborny’s offense to 34 points, combine that with Jake Allen and Jonathan Bernier posting shutouts, and you get a dominating victory. While Verlo Virgins goalies posted great numbers including 4 wins and a .920 SV% their goaltending just wasn’t strong enough to overcome Vyborny’s epic week.


The Storm Troubas turns Eric’s team into post Death Star Alderan

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
The Storm Troubas 9 15 -5 34 6 62 4 1.8 191 0.946 6
Eric’s Team 12 25 -9 24 15 59 5 2.73 140 0.892 4


The Storm Troubas was able to use the dark force to encase Eric’s Team in Carbonite. Even with strong offensive output and goaltending that wins Eric’s Team wasn’t able to overcome the mean streak in the Troubas. Troubas led all teams in league 1 with a whopping 34 PIM’s this week (I’m sure Vader is proud). Having Kreider get a 5 min. Boarding Major and a 10min Game misconduct on his ill advised hit on Jonas Brodin really got Trouba’s the win in the PIM’s category. Eric’s goalies had rough week although they did put up 5 wins, but they also were sub .900 SV% and 2.73 GAA is nothing to write home about. Eric’s team was led by Phil Kessel with 6 points (2G, 4A) but all that offense wasn’t enough to overcome The Storm Troubas Luongo, Neimi Duo that really raked in this week.


Parenteau Guidance equaled the size of Gallagher’s Gonads this week

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Parenteau Guidance 10 23 22 24 9 44 0 3.61 93 0.894 5
Gallagher’s Gonads 8 22 -7 30 12 42 2 3.43 157 0.892 5


This match up was so snug that even Niki Minaj’s pants were jealous. Parenteau Guidance was led by Sid the Kid this week with 6pts (2G, 4A) but that wasn’t enough to overcome Gallagher’s Gonads awe inspiring 2 wins in goal. Parenteau had some epically bad goaltending that despite playing 3 games couldn’t muster up a single win. That’s not to say that Gallagher’s Gonads keepers where much better but they did get 2 wins in 6 games. Parenteau Guidance and Gallagher’s Gonads provided us with that awesome tie result which is as satisfying as a Rice cake after running a Marathon. Gallagher’s Gonads were the size of pea’s, compared to the grapefruits they usually play with. Parenteau Guidance provided about as much guidance as your college adviser did when it came time to  try and figure out what classes you needed to graduate. Parenteau Guidance and Gallagher’s Gonads look to bounce back next week and climb that fantasy ladder.


Markov’s Bionic Knee goes all six million dollar man all over the Delta Sleep Blues 

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Markov’s Bionic Knee 14 19 2 23 11 61 2 2.53 151 0.893 7
Delta Sleep Blues 16 18 0 20 13 46 1 3.39 90 0.9 3


Markov’s Bionic Knee was able to use the best strength that money can buy to overcome the top goal scorer of the week Delta Sleep Blues (16G). Markov’s Boinic Knee was led by the LaToya Jackson of the NHL Chris Kunitz with 4G and 3A and there own version of Steve Austin, Steven Stamkos (2G, 3A). Delta had Nathan MacKinnon get rolling for him this week (4G, 1A) but losing a bonafide stud like Anze Kopitar to injury proved to be too much to overcome. Neither teams overall goalie numbers were great but Markov really had Hiller reaching into the fountain of youth this week posting great numbers. Markov’s Bionic Knee better ride him hard now because we all know that Hiller is a lock to be out 35-40 games due to injury. Combine that with Hiller playing in Calgary where he is the sole reason for that team having any success and you know that this early season success can’t last. Of course in full discloser I am also a bitter Habs fan writing this. Delta Sleep Blues sure has problems in net with only Ray Emery and Robin Lehner serving as their gate keeper, maybe somebody should offer a trade?


Kosta’s Team has the penicillin to wipeout that nasty East Infection

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
East Infection 10 19 11 22 6 44 0 3.06 122 0.891 4
Kosta’s Team 9 18 15 14 10 37 3 2.16 169 0.929 6


Kosta’s team won this battle on the back of their goaltending tandem of Jonathan Quick and Marc-Andre Fleury. They swept all the waffle blocker categories for Kosta’s team this week. Kosta’s team is still the worst name in League 1 which we should dock him points for somehow, but you can’t deny this team came to play. Winning all the goaltending categories and 2 offensive ones (lost G and A by 1 each) led to a nice win. Like I said Kosta’s team won this battle but somehow East Infection is winning the war. Looks like East Infection has the staying power of Herpes at the bunny ranch. Being able to hold onto 1st place in League 1 after losing to Kosta is quite the feat. East Infection was led by Tyler Johnson who had the week of his life with 6A, the rest of his team gave solid production across the board but it wasn’t enough to overcome the Coach. I still can’t believe that Kosta’s Team won with Dan Boyle still in the starting lineup on and IR! Kosta’s team should start checking their line up more often because if they don’t the glass between them and the top 6 will be too thick to smash.


Pucking Right spun MC Dreidal the wrong pucking way

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Pucking Right 4 13 -2 12 8 28 3 2.43 143 0.923 3
MC Dreidal 10 10 -2 14 6 37 3 1.74 119 0.93 5


McDreidal used goaltending averages and some timely goals to overcome the Pucking Right challenge. McDreidal was led by a trio of brick layers in Frederick Anderson, Henrick Lundqvist, and Jimmy Howard that all had sub 2.00 GAA and over .922 SV%. That is a formidable mountain to climb and proved to be too much for Pucking Right. While they did tie in +/- and Wins, MC Dreidal had a large edge in Goals led by father time Pavel Datsyuk with 3G and 2A. Looks like the host of the pregame show Steve Hindle isn’t just a pretty face made for internet radio but an actual fantasy hockey mind that is in position of 2nd place. I will say that this week was made easier by Pucking right pulling a Kosta on us and leaving 3 players on the IR in his starting lineup. Must be a Papoulias thing.


Fans of Montreal Hockey Talk League 2

Montreal Hockey Talk League 2 Currnet Rankings 11/3/14
Peel Pub Division Custom Conditioning
Rank Team W L T Pts Rank Team W L T Pts
1 The Rabid Desharnais 17 9 4 38 2 Kentucky Slims 18 11 1 37
4 #50in07 16 10 4 36 3 The #AlmostBourques 17 10 3 37
5 Prusty Trombones 17 12 1 35 7 Slashers 16 12 2 34
6 KitKat 15 10 5 35 8 Nick’s Neat Team 14 14 2 30
10 Krash Kars 7 18 5 19 9 EightFive 14 16 0 28
11 Pamela’s Triple 8’s 6 13 1 18 12 Team Rage 6 23 1 13



The Rabid Desharnais turns Pamela’s Triple 8’s into Pamela’s 1

The Rabid Desharnais 15 21 0 48 15 109 3 1.63 0.944 1 8
Pamela’s Triple 8’s 3 16 3 33 10 97 1 2.97 0.886 1 1


The Rabid Desharnais foamed at the mouth this week and cruised to an 8-1-1 victory over Pamela’s Triple 8’s. The Rabid Desharnais had no real standout skaters this week but got solid production with everybody contributing across the board. Their goalies sure showed up, led by Niemi who posted 2 Wins, a 1.89 GAA and .939 SV% and Allen posting a shutout in his only start. That gave little chance for Pamela to win any of the backstop categories. The Rabid Desharnais was last year’s champion and is picking up right where he left off snatching up 1st Place overall from Kentucky Slims. Pamela’s Triple 8’s looks like they have a bag skate in their future after posting only 12 points in 3 weeks. They might needs some shooting practice as well only netting 3 goals for the week.


Nick’s Neat Team keeps things tidy against the dirty Slashers

Slashers 5 29 10 28 9 117 3 2.46 0.92 0 3
Nick’s Neat Team 13 20 18 10 11 92 3 2.02 0.925 2 6


Slashers gets taken to the cleaners this week by a Nick’s Neat Team that still has Dan Boyle (IR) in the starting line up. Nick’s team was led by Chris (other people make me look good) Kuntiz (4G, 3A), Pavel (saucy mitts) Datsyuk (4G, 3A), and Phil (baby fat) Kessel (2G, 4A). Those 3 skaters and Marc-Andre  Fleury who posted 3 wins and 2 shutouts this week was enough to propel Nick’s Neat Team to Victory over No Foolin’ Fred Poulin’s Slashers team. On a side note, is it any surprise that a team named Slashers won the PIM’s category? What makes that 28 min’s in PIM’s even more impressive is that it was done without a single fighting penalty or Major. Who do you think you are Slashers, the Habs?


Kit Kat broke himself off a piece and used it to twerk his way to victory over Krash Kars

Kit Kat 16 20 14 8 11 125 3 1.73 0.925 0 8
Krash Kars 7 13 -11 16 6 101 0 3.96 0.887 0 1


Those of you that listen regularly and follow the tweet chat know about The Droog and his love for his name sake Kristina Ashqar. Well Krash Kars I am pretty sure you are going to lose any shot of getting that twerking vine if you don’t pick up your play. We all know Kristina loves winners and Krash Kars you sir are not winning. Kit Kat Rob Elbaz took Krash Kars to task this week, and only surrendered the PIM’s category. Kit Kat didn’t take a break from scoring this week leading League 2 with 16 goals. They had big weeks from Steven Stamkos (2G, 3A) and Brad (The Nose) Marchand (3G, 1A) up front. Howard, Hiller, and F. Anderson basically made scoring a nightmare for everyone last week and that sent Krash Kars into a week derailing kanyon of doom.


Prusty Trombones slides past EightFive with ease

EightFive 17 14 12 18 8 117 3 2.92 0.894 0 2
Prusty Trombones 14 23 16 24 12 144 2 2.66 0.898 1 8


Prusty Trombones shellacked EightFive this week in most categories. Eight Five was able to overcome a 5 goal week from Prusty Trombones Vladimir Tarasenko to win Goals 17-14, but wasn’t able to muster up enough in 8 other categories to compete. Prusty Trombones had some strong goaltending from Bernier which helped overcome the lack luster starts from their other 3 netminders. EightFive had 1 good start from one of hockey’s favorite gingers Cory Schneider, but the rest of their staff was a disaster this week. EightFive could be a contender if they could just get healthy, with 3 players on IR it makes it tough to compete. Prusty Trombones seems to be making lots of moves so it will be interesting to see if they can keep pushing the right buttons.


The #AlmostBourques makes Team Rage look like Team Whimper

The #AlmostBourques 7 19 7 10 6 107 3 1.97 0.949 1 8
Team Rage 6 11 3 20 7 82 1 3.55 0.897 0 2


The #AlmostBourques was more like the #PlayoffBourques this week beating up on last place Team Rage 8-2. Team Rage only had enough rage to get the wins in PIM’s and PPP, like I said Team Rage was more like Team Whimper this week. The #AlmostBourques was led by Valtteri Filppula (1G, 3A) and everybody’s favorite angry Russian goalie Semyon Varlamov. While both teams struggled to find the back of the net The #AlmostBourques did add 19 assists and posted 1 Shutout. Like any good team The #AlmostBourques found a way to win even with a lack luster performance. For them to be in 3rd overall with 2 big players on the IR, shows this team will continue to get better. Team Rage on the other hand better change things up quick otherwise they soon will find themselves in a hole so big it won’t matter how much rage they have they won’t climb out.


Kentucky Slims and #50in07 skate to stalemate in the clash of the top 2 titans

Kentucky Slims 3 12 -15 16 6 109 4 1.4 0.953 1 5
#50in07 8 20 -17 20 9 132 2 2.39 0.933 0 5


Heading in to week 3 Kentucky Slims was #1 overall and knew that the match up against #2 overall #50in07 would be an epic showdown of legendary proportions. Well folks this battle was so close not even a photo finish could determine a winner.  The unsatisfying tie may have kept both teams in the top 4 but cost both teams places in the standings. Kentucky Slims fell to #2 overall and #50in07 fell to #4 overall. Kentucky had a weak offensive week posting only 3 goals but they swept the goaltending categories, with strong performances from Ryan Miller and the recently injured John Gibson. #50in07 was led by their rear guard posting 2G, and 11 of their 20 assists. Hopefully the amount of blood spewed during this clash of the fantasy titans won’t prove to costly for either team moving forward.


I just wanted to give everyone out there in these leagues and that is following along a breakdown of who is involved, so here is a list of teams and their Twitter Handles for both leagues.


Fans of Montreal Hockey Talk League 1
Team Twitter Handle
Me So Vyborny @T_Loc11
Markov’s Bionic Knee @TXLovesTheHabs
Gallagher’s Gonads @J_Habs
The Storm Troubas @Nickcanhaztweet
Parenteau Guidance @MsAutumnWind
East Infection @johnnydeerhead
Delta Sleep Blues @73bigpete
Eric’s Team @Habs_and_Scotch
Verlo Virgins @verlo18
MC Dreidal @StevenHindle
Kosta’s Team @KostaPapoulias
Pucking Right @PeterPapoulias


Fans of Montreal Hockey Talk League 2
Team Twitter Handle
The Rabid Desharnais @Revengh
Team Rage @RedPoppyRage
#50in07 @giesbrechta
Kit Kat @RobElbaz
Slashers @FredPoulin98
Kentucky Slims @thefranchiseca
Nick’s Neat Team @nickyfranchise
Pamela’s Triple 8’s @Pamela_May_
Prusty Trombones @Alour
The #AlmostBourques @HabsFan6
EightFive @mattwohler
Krash Kars @AClockworkMan

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MHTPoolMontreal Hockey Talk Fans League 1 Week 2 wrap up


Jukebox Burgers                                                             Little Bear Pet Supplies

2 MC Dreidal                        14-4-2                                1 East Infection                    18-2-0

3 Gallagher’s Gonads          12-6-2                                5 Kosta’s Team                    11-9-0

4 Verlo’s Virgins                   11-8-1                                6 Eric’s Team                        10-9-1

7 Markov’s Bionic Knee       8-11-1                                8 The Storm Trouba’s           8-12-0

11 Me So Vyborny                6-13-1                                9 Parenteau Guidance          8-12-0

12 Deep Sleep Blues           2-17-1                               10 Pucking Right                    7-12-1


Match Up’s

Gallagher’s Gonads gets Me So Vyborny very unVyborny 8-1-1

Gallagher’s Gonads proved to much larger than Me So Vyborny’s this week. The match up was much closer than the final score would indicate. Most of the categories could have gone either way all the way on Sunday but they all seemed to go the Gonads way. Gallagher’s Gonads was led by Patrick Kane with 4 points and some great goaltending from Mike Smith, who posted a 1.49 GAA and .943 SV%.


Verlo’s Virgins tops The Storm Trouba’s 6-4

Looks like the Virgins were able to handle the Strom Trouba’s advances and take the close win. The match up had a little bit of everything with some close categories and some lop sided ones. The Virgins were led by Jeff Carter who has been off to a blistering pace this season so far posting 12 points in 8 games. Jeff Carter, Tyler Toffoli, and Tanner Pearson are the best line in the NHL right now and their owners are reaping the rewards!


Kosta’s Team gives Parenteau Guidance a whipping 8-2

Parenteau should be ashamed losing to an auto drafted team with the wost name in League 1 but hey that’s fantasy hockey sometimes. Kosta’s Team had guys like James Neal with 4 goals and Jonathan Quick posting 2 wins and a 1.00 GAA along with a .962 SV%. Not even Parenteau Guidance could overcome that kind of production.


MCDreidal defeats a rusty Markov’s Bionic Knee 6-3-1

MCDreidal is now 2-0 and had a big week 2 from Logan Couture who had 3G and 3A. MC Dreidal was able to win 5 of the 6 skater categories, even with Markov’s Bionic Knee actually holding the lead heading into Sunday. MCDreidal put up 8 points and 14 PIM’s to give him the big win. Markov’s owner Brad said if MCDreidal wants more homemade brew the next time he is in town MCDreidal better take it easy on him.


Pucking Right puck’s Eric’s Team 6-3-1

Pucking Right won a hotly contested match up in week 2 that this could have gone to either team right up until Sunday. Even though the final score was 6-3-1 they were separated by 1G, 1A, and the other categories were so close that replay was needed to see if there was a distinct kicking motion. Pucking Right was led by 4 points from Patrick Sharp and a big week by Tuukka Rask. Hey this might be the first nice thing said about the perpetual tantrum throwing Booins gatekeeper.


East Infection puts the sleeper hold on Delta Sleep Blues 9-1

East Infection rolled over Delta Sleep Blues like the bubonic plague in Europe. East used the biggest win of the week to parlay himself into 1st place overall. Delta Sleep didn’t stand a chance this week only putting up 4 goals and 12 assists compared to East Infection 14 goals and 23 assists. Tyson Barrie led East’s team with 5 points and got solid production from his whole team in the week 2 big win. I hope for the rest of us in League 1 that this infection doesn’t spread like the clap on Ste. Catherine Ste.



Montreal Hockey Talk Fans League 2 Week 2 wrap up


Peel Pub                                                                                          Custom Conditioning

2 #50in07                            11-5-4                                 1 Kentucky Slims           13-6-1

5 The Rabid Desharnais      9-8-3                                 3 Slashers                      13-6-1

7 Prusty Trombones           9-10-1                                 4 EightFive                        2-8-0

8 Kit Kat                                7-9-4                                 6 Nathan’s Nifty Team       9-8-3

10 Krash Kars                    6-10-4                                 9 Nick’s Neat Team          8-11-1

11 Pamela’s Triple 8’s        7-12-1                                 12 Team Rage                  4-15-1


Match Up’s

The Rabid Desharnais takes a nibble on Prusty Trombones 5-4-1

The Rabid Desharnais had an astounding 6 players put up at least 2 goals this week but Prusty Trombones won the assists category by 1. In this match up that was closer than objects in the rear view mirror, The Rabid Desharnais had fantastic offensive numbers winning all but assists. The problem The Rabid Desharnais had was with goaltending, Prusty Trombones won every goaltending category except Shutouts which they tied at 0. Neither team had a strong performance in net it just so happened Prusty had a slightly less bad week than Rabid Desharnais. I guess you could say Prusty Trombones was a little rusty and The Rabid Desharnais must have been vaccinated this week. (Thank god you don’t have to pay for this kind of comedy)


Slashers slashed Pamela’s Triple 8’s 7-2-1

Slashers may have lost the goals category with only 9 for the week but they had one hell of a week saucing passes with 31 assists. Scott Hartnell may have had trouble finding the back of the net this week but his silky mits had 5 helpers and when you combine that with the 4 other players that had at least 4 assists getting to 31 for the week seemed easy. Pamela’s goaltenders looked good but Slashers GAA of 1.96 and SV% .936 was just too much to overcome. This Slashers team reminds me of the Charlestown Chiefs before the Hanson brothers with only 19 PIM’s but that was still good enough to win.


#50in07 breaks Kit Kat 5-3-2

This match up was closer than the final score appears as well, with 2 stats tied (+/- & Shutouts) it really could have gone either way. Both teams had great goaltending, each getting a Shutout and posting sub 2.00 GAA and #50in07 reaching a .945 SV%. This contest was hotly contested, and Jonathan Quick led the way for #50in07 with 2W a 1.00 GAA, .962 SV% and 1 Shutout. Kit Kat had strong performances from Frederick Anderson and Jonas Hiller. Neither team’s offense put up great numbers but both were solid across the board. A few breaks either way and Kit Kat could have won this round but alas it was not met to be.


EightFive rages all over Team Rage 8-2

EightFive dominated nearly every offensive category except for goals where he was beat 11-12. This was another battle of great weeks for the custodians of the twine. Team Rage playing most opponents would have no problem winning every category but this week he ran smack into the Kuemper wall.  Team Rage pulled out the win in the W category but lost by .03 in GAA and SV%. This was a tough loss for Team Rage but he ran into a hot EightFive team that’s racking up the W’s.


Nathan’s Nifty Team splits with Krash Kars 4-4-2

This match up was tighter than Kris (Kardashian) Jenner’s face. It really could have gone both ways just like Tila Tequila, so maybe the tie is fitting. Nathan’s Nifty Team picked up only 2 offensive categories while winning 2 goalie categories. Krash Kars was able to win 4 offensive categories and tie 2 goalie categories. Neither team was very good this week posting weak numbers across the board so I guess they were lucky to clash with each other this week letting them both get their stinkers out of the way early.


Kentucky Slims puts Nicks Neat Team out to pasture 9-1

This match up didn’t go well for Nick’s Neat team getting trounced like the Sabres playing a team from California. In this clash of radio titans featuring Nick Murdocco (Nick’s Neat Team) taking on his long time co-host and rival Gary Whittaker (Kentucky Slims), Gary let the dogs out and Nick was the target. In fact the only category that Nick won was Shutouts 1-0 thanks to Marc-Andre Fleury. Both teams had terrible goaltending but Gary’s was slightly less bad than the putrid combo Nick sent out of Fleury and Halak. Gary had some good offensive numbers but Nick didn’t stand a chance because he never set his line up and still has Eric Staal starting even though he is on IR! Nick (9th overall) is going to have to shake off the rough start if he plans on making the top 6 this year. Gary is sitting pretty in 1st place overall but better sure up his goaltending because I’m not sure if Ryan Miller, John Gibson, and Steve Mason are enough to send him to the promised land.