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MHT Post-Game: Leafs vs. Habs – Nov. 30th, 2013


Join Corey Collard, Coach K, Matt Casavant and Rob Elbaz as they absolutely give the business to Paolo Mingarelli for using the “S” word (shutout) in the WSMN lounge during the Habs 4-2 victory over their rivals down the 401, the Toronto Maple Leafs, at the Bell Centre tonight.


A new season has begun, but the same old issues remain as the Montreal Canadiens fell to the Toronto Maple Leafs at the Bell Centre to kickoff the 2013-2014 season. Corey Collard and Nick Murdocco are your hosts, as they are joined by Jay Farrar and Simon Tsalikis to discuss the undisciplined play of the Habs, and the unfortunate injury sustained by George Parros.


The Habs shit the bed tonight at home, losing in embarrassing fashion to the Leafs 6-0. Join host Corey Collard, along with Jimmy Murphy, Iain Carnegie and Kamal Panesar as they break down the night’s action.