After 5 weeks I have noticed a few things that people seem to be confused about. So this week I thought it was important to disseminate some information just to ensure everyone is on the same page. Lets take for instance the IR spots, here is a link on how the IR spots work from yahoo. Please take a moment to look at it and read it. A lot of you are dropping valuable players that you can stash on the IR without losing a roster spot just because somebody is out a couple of weeks. Those players will be helpful when they return. Setting your lineup in advance ensures that you at least have starting players for each day without having to check it everyday. Here is a link with team management tips. Please take 3 minutes and read this to gain a little bit better understanding of how the league works. I hope this helps all of you out there to continue to enjoy this year fantasy leagues.


Fans of Montreal Hockey Talk League 1

Montreal Hockey Talk League 1 Currnet Rankings 11/17/14
Jukebox Burgers Division Little Bear Pet Supplies Division
Rank Team W L T Pts Rank Team W L T Pts
2 Gallagher’s Gonads 28 19 3 59 1 East Infection 35 14 1 71
3 MC Dreidal 26 19 5 57 5 Parenteau Guidance 26 22 2 54
4 Me So Vyborny 26 21 3 55 7 Kosta’s Team 24 24 2 50
6 Markov’s Bionic Knee 26 23 1 53 8 The Storm Troubas 24 26 0 48
9 Verlo Virgins 21 28 1 43 10 Eric’s Team 19 29 2 40
12 Delta Sleep Blues 15 33 2 32 11 Pucking Right 17 29 4 38


Me So Vyborny slithers past Eric’s Team

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Me So Vyborny 9 17 0 14 7 72 5 1.6 123 0.939 5
Eric’s Team 12 19 10 25 6 46 5 2.44 121 0.903 4


It typical snake fashion Me So Vyborny got lucky to win this week. Although goals and assists were close MSV lost +/- by a large margin and got lucky to win PPP. MSV had a strong week from their goaltenders, posting a league leading GAA, SV%, and tied for the league lead in wins with 2 other teams. Unfortunately for MSV, Eric’s Team was 1 of the other 2 teams with 5 wins.  Eric’s team rode average puck stopping to 5 wins thanks the trio of R. Miller, D. Kuemper, and B. Elliott. Miller had 1 bad start that led to the large gap in GAA and SV% between the teams.  MSV was led by Max Pacioretty’s 6 point week (2G, 4A) which coincides with everybody’s favorite team the Habs 6 game winning streak. It was a good week for the Habs and a lucky week for MSV.


Delta Sleep Blues awakens the Jedi force to counter The Storm Troubas

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
The Storm Troubas 4 10 1 33 4 64 3 2.97 177 0.908 3
Delta Sleep Blues 11 21 3 8 9 70 1 1.66 85 0.934 7


The Delta Sleep Blues might be in last place but they’re not rolling over for anybody. While The Storm Troubas continued their dominance in the PIM’s category, they fell flat in the others. TST piled up 3 wins and 177 total saves to split the waffle blockers categories but that only gave them 3 total wins for the week. DSB really came alive scoring 32 points (11G, 21A) and got some solid net minding from everybody’s favorite player to ruin a great Montreal Canadiens season Cam Ward. Truthfully I hope DSB feels a little dirty playing Cam Ward considering this is a fantasy hockey league filled with Canadiens fans. In all honesty I’m sure all of us have at least 1 or 2 players like that on our rosters. But I digress, DSB showed that they are not going quietly into the night even though they are in last place. I am sure trade offers including a goaltender or 2 would be welcomed by DSB  but for now their offense seems to be firing on all cylinders.


Parenteau Guidance uses 8th grade health class to avoid East Infection

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Parenteau Guidance 10 24 4 37 8 62 2 2.67 194 0.915 5
East Infection 15 21 0 32 8 58 4 2.33 139 0.921 4


Parenteau Guidance seemed to navigate around East Infection this week like an old pro from Chez Parée. By spreading itself like the mumps through the western conference, the powerhouse East Infection seems to be taking over League 1 with a whopping 12 point lead over 2nd place. EI got solid production from their goalies but did not start enough games to over take PG in total SV’s. PG is in 5th place and only 5 points out of 2nd place but they are also only 6 points out of 8th place. PG robbed the cradle during the draft but it seems to be paying off with players like Tarasenko, Pearson, Saad, and Oshie all providing them with solid production. I wonder if the young pups can continue to produce at such a torrid pace?


Markov’s Bionic Knee equaled the size of Gallagher’s Gonads

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Markov’s Bionic Knee 6 16 -2 26 4 49 4 2.72 197 0.912 5
Gallagher’s Gonads 15 20 7 10 9 52 2 2.89 146 0.896 5


Gallagher’s Gonads and Markov’s Bionic knee skated to a 5-5 deadlock this week. The tie in fantasy hockey is about as exciting as watching New Jersey’s Devils hockey circa 2000. I can say that both teams are still in playoff positions and if designing your teams in the NJ Devils trap style leads to overall titles at least they will be happy. GG’s goal scoring exploded this week for 15 goals with Kesler netting 3 and Kane, Subban, and Parise all hitting the twine twice. MBK had solid goaltending that gained him a sweep of those categories and allowed them to equal the offensive prowess of GG.


MC Dreidal takes Verlo Virgins to make out point and scores

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Verlo Virgins 6 13 10 20 5 48 1 3.36 91 0.901 4
MC Dreidal 14 16 7 16 4 43 2 2.72 187 0.903 6


MC Dreidal took the fight to Verlo Virgins by getting Jimmy Howard and King Henrik going this week. MD completely dominated the goaltending categories. VV tried to be sneaky and start Reimer against the Sabres but that 1 start ended up destroying any chance they had to capture any of the goaltending categories. MD continued to get solid production up front from their whole team, only 2 players had multi-goal weeks proving that production from everybody not just 1 or 2 big point guys can work too. Both teams stayed put in the standings this week, but as discussed before both teams are right in the mix because everyone is so close.


Little brother Kosta’s Team earns revenge over older brother Pucking Right

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Pucking Right 5 11 -3 12 7 27 4 2.61 136 0.907 4
Kosta’s Team 8 19 -1 27 7 54 2 3.33 130 0.903 5


In the battle for bragging rights in the Papoulias house, #CoachIsAlwaysRight seemed to be the answer this week. Getting the upper hand on your bigger brother is always nice and Coach was able to squeak out a victory over his older in house rival.  These match-ups are always tougher on the other family then the actual two competing. I can picture mama Papoulias wearing a Manning style half Kosta’s Team and Half Pucking Right jersey all week. Slapping hands with wooden spoons at the dinner table telling the boys “No fantasy hockey talk at the dinner table” all while cooking Moussaka and munching on Dolmathakia (stuffed grape leaves for you non-greek food fans).  But truthfully I’m sure knowing Coach K as we do, it was probably nothing but a constant stream of incoherent swearing and blaming Tom Gilbert for his team not producing as well as he would have liked even though he got the win. FYI Tom Gilbert isn’t even on his team but we know how Kosta feels about Tom Gilbert. Kosta’s team did get the win but Pucking Right’s goalies again played well enough to sweep the goaltending categories and seems to be the only thing keeping them out of last place. If Pucking Right or Kosta’s team wants to advance up the leaderboard they better heed my advice and read the links above to better understand how to maximize their rosters.


Fans of Montreal Hockey Talk League 2

Montreal Hockey Talk League 2 Currnet Rankings 11/17/14
Peel Pub Division Custom Conditioning
Rank Team W L T Pts Rank Team W L T Pts
1 Prusty Trombones 35 13 2 72 2 Slashers 26 20 56 56
3 #50in07 27 17 6 60 6 The #AlmostBourques 24 22 4 52
4 The Rabid Desharnais 27 18 5 59 7 EightFive 25 24 1 51
5 Kit Kat 24 19 7 55 8 Nick’s Neat Team 23 23 4 50
11 Les Meatballs 13 32 5 31 9 Kentucky Slims 23 23 4 50
12 Pamela’s Triple 8’s 13 33 4 30 10 Team Rage 16 32 2 34



Nick’s Neat team proves to have the antidote to a bad case of The Rabid Desharnais

The Rabid Desharnais 10 18 -1 32 2 86 4 2.41 0.916 0 4
Nick’s Neat Team 10 15 -5 8 7 113 3 2.4 0.919 1 5


Nick’s Neat Team and The Rabid Desharnais came dangerously close to a tie this week. NNT was able to narrowly escape with a victory thanks to some strong play by Phil Kessel and Jarsolv Halak. NNT’s team started to move in the right direction this week by getting a healthy Dan Boyle back and finally starting to put up points.  They have a tough road ahead but are only 2 points out of a playoff spot in League 2 and now with a healthy blue line things are looking up. TRD on the other hand has bounced around the top of the standings but has settled into a solid 4th place spot for 2 weeks now. Last year’s league champ TRD has had an up and down season this year thanks to the inconstant play of their D core. Trevor Daily for example had 10 points in his first 13 games but since has 0 points and is a -6 in his last 5 games. The time to sell on Daily might have pasted but who knows maybe he can catch fire again, either way if TRD’s D core doesn’t become more constant repeating will be difficult.


Les Meatballs overcomes goaltending issues to stop the Slashers

Slashers 4 20 3 25 5 100 5 1.84 0.928 1 4
Les Meatballs 8 23 16 32 6 120 0 5.03 0.868 0 6
Les Meatballs did not meet the minimum requirements for Goalie Starts of 2


Les Meatballs swept all the skating categories to gain the victory, and its a good thing because they didn’t meet the games played minimum for a 2nd straight week. Les Meatballs needs to find a way to fix its issues in net because the 8 goals they scored is not going to get you many wins. Les Meatball was able to gain a 6-4 victory this week but they’re still 1 point out of last place and that’s not were anybody wants to be. Just as a side note there is no reason to tank because last place in fantasy hockey does not get you the 1st pick in next years draft. No Dishonor for Conner in this league! Les Meatballs has some very valuable skaters like Parise, Pacioretty, E. Kane, Crosby, and everyone’s favorite youngster Galchenyuk, these players could really help them land some help in net. Slashers had a rough week on the offensive end getting completely swept but had tremendous goaltending for the week. Sweeping the goaltending categories is great but you better at least win 1 offensive category or you will still lose 6-4. Slashers team just went through a dry spell this week and I’m sure will bounce back next week. They sit comfortably in 2nd place with 56 points atop the Custom Conditiong division and with some more constant scoring they will look to try and take over the #1 spot.


Prusty Trombones takes Kit Kat to the wood shed and puts them down

Kit Kat 12 17 0 10 5 103 2 3.55 0.863 0 1
Prusty Trombones 11 29 6 26 16 130 3 2.72 0.913 0 8


Kit Kat suffered the same fate as Old Yeller this week, being put down shouldn’t be easy but in this case Prusty Trombones had no trouble at all. Kit Kat won 1 category and tied 1, they got thoroughly dominated this week in every other place. I would love to say it was because of injuries or they forgot to set their line up, but that’s not the case. Kit Kat’s problem is that their stars didn’t show up, players like Stamkos, Taylor Hall, and Alex Pietrangelo were no shows this week. Prusty Trombones’s stars on the other hand came to play, Patrice Bergeron, Vladimir Tarasenko, and Brian Elliott all had strong weeks that left Kit Kat broken. Prusty Trombones continues to dominate League 2 sitting atop the leaderboad with 72 points and a 12 point cushion on their next closest competitor. We all need to remember that Fantasy Hockey is a marathon not a sprint, there is still 16 regular season weeks left which is plenty of time for anybody to catch up.


EightFive turns The #AlmostBourques into the #AHLBourques

EightFive 13 17 -9 17 7 113 3 3.02 0.894 1 8
The #AlmostBourques 10 13 3 16 3 96 2 3.14 0.905 0 2


EightFive sent The #AlmostBourques to the AHL in this 8-2 drubbing of what was the 2nd place team in League 2. While neither teams backstops were good, EightFive’s was just less bad. Eightfive earned a shutout from Cory Schneider which proved to be the decisive effort in goalltending. They were led upfront by the #1 star of the NHL last week rookie Jori Lehtera, with 4G, 2A, and a +5. Getting production from rookies you either picked up off the Free Agent wire or drafted very late can lead to league titles, this is a situation to watch. TAB’s tumbled down the rankings after this horrible loss from 2nd place all the way to 6th, showing just how volatile things are in League 2 right now.


#50in07 steps on Pamela’s Triple 8’s to climb up the leaderboad

Pamela’s Triple 8’s 7 10 -5 32 5 90 2 1.56 0.948 1 4
#50in07 12 16 1 22 7 121 2 2.62 0.92 0 5


#50in07 jumped from 5th to 3rd on the back of last place Pamela’s Triple 8’s.  PT8’s needs some of their players to start producing at their drafted level. Players like Dustin Brown, Evgeny Kuznetsov, and Pascal Dupuis are not producing anywhere near what they need. Having a player or 2 not pan out happens to all of us but to have as many as PT8’s has, is making things very difficult to overcome. On a positive not PT8’s goalies have been strong as of late, King Henrik and Holtby seem to be finding their stride and turning in strong performances. #50in07 has been able to stay in the hunt for the top spot in league 2 thanks to players like Patrick Kane and Jonathan Quick playing at all-star levels. #50in07 needs to continue the consistent play that has brought them to 3rd place.


Team Rage channels its inner zen to bring Kentucky Slims to their knees

Kentucky Slims 11 22 9 16 7 109 1 3.95 0.851 0 3
Team Rage 12 18 -4 25 6 118 3 2.36 0.923 0 6


Kentucky Slims had their goaltending fall off a cliff this week, garnering only 1 win, .851 SV% and allowed a GAA of almost 4. Team Rage on the other hand got exactly what they needed from their goalies and skaters to gain a 6-3 victory. Team Rage is in 10 place and will need a string of wins to catch up and put themselves in playoff contention. If Kentucky Slims can just get healthy that will surely help turn their fall from 1st to 9th place around almost instantly. It’s not like even in 9th place Kentucky has far to climb, they’re only 6 points out of 2nd place. They should be excited about their chances to turn this run of bad luck around.