Fans of Montreal Hockey Talk League 1

Montreal Hockey Talk League 1 Currnet Rankings 11/10/14
Jukebox Burgers Division Little Bear Pet Supplies Division
Rank Team W L T Pts Rank Team W L T Pts
2 Gallagher’s Gonads 23 14 3 49 1 East Infection 31 9 0 62
3 MC Dreidal 20 15 5 45 5 Parenteau Guidance 21 18 1 43
4 Me So Vyborny 21 17 2 44 7 The Storm Troubas 21 19 0 42
6 Markov’s Bionic Knee 21 18 1 43 8 Kosta’s Team 19 20 1 39
9 Verlo Virgins 17 22 1 35 10 Eric’s Team 15 24 1 31
12 Delta Sleep Blues 8 30 2 18 11 Pucking Right 13 24 3 29


Me So Vyborny puts a Brandon Prust style beat down on Kosta’s Team

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Me So Vyborny 13 19 8 41 14 67 4 2.17 142 0.928 7
Kosta’s Team 11 16 -1 16 10 38 4 1.36 130 0.949 2


Me So Vyborny (MSV) won every offensive category this week and put Kosta’s team in a sleeper hold so tight not even Hulk Hogan could power his way out. Kosta’s goalies had stellar weeks any fantasy team would be jealous of but MSV was able to equal him in wins and grab 12 more saves which pushed him to a big victory. Going into week 4 Kosta’s team was in 4th place (34 points) and MSV was in 6th place (29 points). After week 4’s big win MSV took over Kosta’s 4th place spot and poor Kosta took a tumble in the standings down to 8th place. Max Pacioretty only had 1 goal for MSV this week but put up a whopping 10 hits to help propel MSV to victory this week. Kosta’s goalie tandum of Quick and Fleury proved to be absolutely on point this week, posting the lowest GAA and 2nd highest SV% in League 1. It’s too bad they didn’t have more games this week or Kosta’s could have swept all the pad stacking categories.


The Strom Troubas keep on marching right past Pucking Right

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
The Storm Troubas 13 12 8 38 9 64 1 3.28 115 0.898 7
Pucking Right 4 10 4 14 2 16 4 1.48 103 0.945 3


The dark side of the force is strong in The Storm Troubas (TST), it’s so strong in fact that after losing the 1st 2 weeks of the season they’ve bounced back with a 2 game winning streak. The dark side of the force really seemed to push its way into TST’s Antoine Roussel and David Backes as of late. Roussel with 16 PIMS and Backes with 13 hits were really gooning it up this week. Pucking Right seems to be bitten by the injury bug lately with Taylor Hall, Nathan Horton, Torey Krug, and Zdeno Chara all on the IR and Patrick Sharp headed there shortly. His dynamic duo of goaltenders comprised of Tuukka Rask and Pekka Rinne have been dominate all year and this week was no exception. If Pucking Right can get healthy and start making their daily rosters changes this team could really get better fast.


Parenteau Guidance guides MC Dreidal right off the table

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Parenteau Guidance 12 27 14 25 15 66 2 1.48 129 0.956 8
MC Dreidal 7 22 -2 17 12 47 2 1.95 156 0.929 1


Parenteau Guidance used solid a solid week from their offense and a dominate goaltending performance to roll to an 8-1 victory over team MC Dreidal. Parenteau got 3 great starts from Craig Anderson this week, combined his totals for week 4 are an 0.65 GAA, a .981 SV%, and 102 total SV’s. While MC Dreidal had good enough goaltending to beat most teams this week Anderson week was too much to overcome. MC Dreidal only put up 7 goals and only had one skater put up more than 1 goal (Joe Pavel 2G), that’s a rough week. I will say MC Dreidal has done some damage on the PP, with 29 total points for week 4 17 of those were on the PP, that’s an impressive total. Lets see if Parenteau Guidance is ready to guide their team to another victory and if MC Dreidal can be spun “right round baby right round” into a win in week 5.


Markov’s Bionic Knee grows after bout with Verlo Virgins

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Markov’s Bionic Knee 12 17 6 33 16 83 3 2.53 156 0.918 6
Verlo Virgins 14 20 2 17 14 49 1 2.52 59 0.922 4


Markov’s Bionic Knee (MBK) and Verlo Virgins had a close matchup up this week with only 3 categories that were blowouts (PIM, H, and SV). MBK went strong up the middle with Steven Stamkos (2G, 1A) and Jonathan Toews (2G, 3A) and that proved to be the difference in this match up. The Verlo Virgins had a good week but it was just not good enough to overcome MBK’s strong performance across the board. These teams have been battlers all year and look to both have big weeks in week 5. Everyone is still in the mix early on in the season but these teams have proved to be formidable foes.


Delta Sleep Blues chokes on Gallagher’s Gonads in loss

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Gallagher’s Gonads 10 13 -14 12 10 50 2 2.37 161 0.925 6
Delta Sleep Blues 6 19 8 21 5 50 0 5.15 25 0.833 3
Delta Sleep Blues did not meet the minimum requirements for Goalie Starts of 2


Gallagher’s Gonads proved to be too large for Delta Sleep Blues (DSB) to sallow this week. DSB really needed help in net as they failed to meet the 2 start minimum for goaltenders. Delta is in need of serious goaltending help moving forward with only Robin Lehner and Michael Hutchinson acting as gate keepers. They will be hard pressed to get the 2 start minimum each week forcing them to forfit every goalie category. Even if they do get the 2 starts Ottawa and Winnipeg don’t instill a lot of confidence that they can get them wins. Start offering Delta some trades involving your extra goaltending depth and who know it might work out for the both of you. Gallagher’s Gonads put up some concrete offensive numbers this week despite having only 1 player with 3 points (N. Backstrom 2G, 1A). Gallagher’s Gonads has been solid this year getting even production across the gambit from all his players. Lets see if DSB can pull off a worst to first in the remaining weeks, but if they are going to do that, going after at least 1 goaltender is a must. Gallagher’s Gonads on the other hand just needs to maintain the steady play that has brought them into 1st place in the Jukebox Burgers Division and 2nd place overall.


East Infection is resistant to the antibiotics of Eric’s Team

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
East Infection 19 28 7 28 16 52 4 1.81 157 0.935 9
Eric’s Team 9 21 -23 18 9 80 2 2.77 134 0.905 1


East Infection is quickly becoming the MRSA of League 1. They may have lost last week but with a big win this week they have distanced themselves from the pack by 13 points. It doesn’t seem to matter what type of team they play either offensive minded or goaltender centric East Infection finds a way to win. This week it all came together for East Infection, posting great numbers across the spectrum including a whopping 47 total points (19G, 28A) and 4 wins. It seems the only stat that wasn’t perfect for them was Hits and Eric’s Team did plenty of that this week with 80 total hits (2nd in the league). East Infection had 4 players with multi-goal weeks including Tyler Johnson’s 4 and Tyler Seguin’s 3. Eric’s team offensively didn’t have a bad week but it was nothing compared to the sublime week East Infection had. Goaltending was an issue for Eric Team’s this week but I have a feeling that won’t last Elliot, Kuemper, and Miller have been nothing short of spectacular this year except for this week. I fully expect them to bounce back next week and show up strong for Eric’s Team moving forward.


Fans of Montreal Hockey Talk League 2

Montreal Hockey Talk League 2 Currnet Rankings 11/10/14
Peel Pub Division Custom Conditioning
Rank Team W L T Pts Rank Team W L T Pts
1 Prusty Trombones 27 12 1 55 2 The #AlmostBourques 22 14 4 48
3 KitKat 23 11 6 52 6 Slashers 22 14 4 48
4 The Rabid Desharnais 23 13 4 50 7 Kentucky Slims 20 17 3 43
5 #50in07 22 13 5 49 8 Nick’s Neat Team 18 19 3 39
11 Pamela’s Triple 8’s 9 28 3 21 9 EightFive 17 22 1 35
12 Krash Kar’s 7 28 5 19 10 Team Rage 10 29 1 21


The Rabid Desharnais turns Team Rage into #AlmostWonAWeekTeamRage

The Rabid Desharnais 14 12 -16 29 8 122 4 2.16 0.923 2 6
Team Rage 7 15 -3 12 2 95 2 1.46 0.933 0 4


Team Rage had 2 great performances from Tuukka Rask which gave them the ability to overcome The Rabid Desharnais (TRD) shutouts from Corey Crawford and Jake Allen. #AlmostTeamRage was able to win 2 of the 4 goal categories in week 4. They kept things close this week after getting blown out each of the 1st 3 weeks. #AlmostTeamRage was able to muster up enough Assists and keep his +/- manageable to grab 2 more offensive categories, but TRD was able to dominate in the others areas. Patric Hornqvist led the way for TRD by posting 4 points (3G, 1A) and was one of only 4 players on their roster that posted a positive +/- for the week. I must say TRD’s -16 for the week is quite the feat considering they put up 26 points (14G, 12A) and surprisingly TRD was tied for worst in the league in +/- with Nick’s Neat Team in week 4. TRD dropped to 4th in the standings despite winning 6-4. It just goes to show you how close and dare I say competitive League 2 is, just like the NHL, parody is key in awesome fantasy leagues like this one.


Slashers takes a sheet out of the Charlestown Chiefs playbook to send Kentucky Slims packing

Slashers 16 16 -3 53 15 113 3 2.25 0.929 0 6
Kentucky Slims 9 21 9 16 10 105 3 2.48 0.922 0 2


Slashers looked like the Charlestown Chiefs this week using its 53 PIM’s to cruse to an easy 6-2 victory over Kentucky Slims. Slashers got a astonishing 16 PIM’s from Dustin Byfuglien (12 were earned in 1 game), which is enough to equal Kentucky’s Slims total for the week. Scott Hartnell (4G & 9PIM’s), Claude Giroux (2G, 3A), and Jakub Voracek (3G, 3A) were Slashers top performers this week and league leaders for the season. Slashers really put together a team that can compete and is steadily climbing up League 2’s leader board after a slow start. Kentucky Slims needs to find a way to reverse the slide they have been on lately, after being in 1st place after week 2 they have slid to 7th overall at the end of this week. Reversing this slide is going to be tough with players like Patrick Sharp, Radim Vrbata, Zdeno Chara, and John Gibson all on the shelf with various injuries. Its definitely doable with their daft GM skills, so it’s no time to panic there is still lots of season left.


Kit Kat breaks off a win from Pamela’s Triple 8’s

Kit Kat 12 24 4 14 16 131 3 2.2 0.92 0 8.
Pamela’s Triple 8’s 5 16 2 24 8 88 2 2.69 0.911 0 1


Kit Kat dominated this match up everywhere except for the PIM’s and shutout categories, which is ok when you win 8-1-1. Kit Kat got some sound production from their stars, led by Steven Stamkos (2G, 1A), Jonathan Toews (2G, 3A), and everybody’s favorite Swede Johan Frazen (2G, 3A). Pamela’s Triple 8’s have tumbled down the leader board to 11th overall because of some draft picks like Dustin Brown (2G, 0A) and Cody Hodgson (1G, 1A) not producing much offensively. Kit Kat is at the other end of the spectrum in 3rd place, they are getting solid production from the top to bottom of their lineup. Kit Kat built their team much like you want your favorite actual NHL franchise to do, strong up the middle with a good mix of youth and veterans. The top contenders in League 2 better watch out it looks like Kit Kat is coming to win.


#50in07 gets their inner Heater hot like it’s ’07 in their defeat of EightFive

EightFive 9 18 0 54 13 95 1 2.89 0.906 0 3
#50in07 8 19 14 30 7 105 2 1.75 0.933 0 6


EightFive tried to goon it up Ogie Oglethorpe style to gain the victory but #50in07 was having none of it. #50in07 used a strong work ethic on defense and Carey Price like goaltending to win Week 4. They were led by forwards Blake Wheeler (1G, 3A) and Jonathan Drouin (3A) on the offensive end, but the real magic this week was provided by the 2010 Olympic hero Roberto Luongo. He posted 2 wins, a paltry 0.97 GAA, and a sick .962 SV% for week 4. EightFive just couldn’t keep pace with that production on the back end but was able to net 13 PPP out of 27 total points. EightFive better figure out their problems because they are sitting in 9th place and they are out of the playoffs. Things can quickly turn desperate in the crazy world of fantasy hockey. #50in07 is holding strong in 5th place, but with all these teams so close in the standings, no spot is safe and every week matters.


Prusty Trombones gets Jiggy with it and drives Krash Kars off a cliff

Prusty Trombones 14 26 3 16 17 135 1 2.99 0.911 0 10
Krash Kars 4 14 -6 14 2 86 0 6 0.846 0 0
Krash Kars did not meet the minimum requirements for Goalie games played of 2


Krash Kars is really struggling and not meeting the minimum games played requirement for goalies didn’t help. Not getting your 2 minimum games means they lose all goaltending categories. Krash Kars really needs to make a trade or scour the waiver wire for better netminders because Jhonas Enroth is their only healthy goalie. Losing Sergei Bobrovsky certainly doesn’t help but they’re going to have to find a plan B if they want to move out of last place. Prusty Trombones dominated this performance like the Habs do the rest of the NHL in Stanley Cups. Unfortunately for Krash Kars not even Sidney Crosby’s 6 Assists was enough to overcome the loss of Zach Parise and goalie Bob to win even 1 category. Prusty Trombones used the 10-0 victory to gain 1st place in league 2 thanks to the inspired play from Valdimir Tarasenko. Tarasenko netted 3 goals (2 of which if you haven’t seen please go look them up because they were that good) and he also added 3 helpers, which contributed 6 points to Prusty’s sultry total of 40 points for the week.


The #AlmostBourques uses offensive to slip past Nick’s neat team

The #AlmostBourques 19 19 6 20 15 113 3 3.19 0.898 0 5
Nick’s Neat Team 14 14 -16 14 12 113 4 1.46 0.946 1 4


The #AlmostBourques (#AB) and Nick’s Neat Team (NNT) engaged in the most hotly contested matchup of the week in league 2. #AB won all the offensive categories and believe it or not #AB and NNT tied in SOG at 113 each. NNT had some inspired goaltending from their dyad of Marc-Andre Fleury and Jaroslav Halak, as they swept every puck stopping category. #AB was led by a sextuplet of players that all had 4 points, Nick Bonino (3G, 1A), Logan Couture (1G, 3A), Nick Foligno (3G, 1A), Joe Pavelski (2G, 2A), Tyler Seguin (3G, 1A), and finally Tyler Johnson (4G). I wonder how long NNT can compete without making lineup changes daily, I guess only time will tell. #AB is getting constant play up front but that goaltending has some warts, maybe a potential trade could fix that.