Included in this post is the link to the leagues on Yahoo and at the bottom is the list of teams and their Twitter Handle. Lets give everyone the #MTLHockey bump.

Fans of Montreal Hockey Talk League 1

Montreal Hockey Talk League 1 Currnet Rankings 11/3/14
Jukebox Burgers Division Little Bear Pet Supplies Division
Rank Team W L T Pts Rank Team W L T Pts
2 MC Dreidal 19 7 4 42 1 East Infection 22 8 0 44
3 Gallagher’s Gonads 17 11 2 36 4 Kosta’s Team 17 13 0 34
5 Markov’s Bionic Knee 15 14 1 31 7 Eric’s Team 14 15 1 29
6 Me So Vyborny 14 15 1 29 8 The Storm Troubas 14 16 0 28
9 Verlo Virgins 13 16 1 27 10 Parenteau Guidance 13 17 0 26
12 Delta Sleep Blues 5 24 1 11 11 Pucking Right 10 17 3 23


Me So Vyborny pops Verlo Virgins loss cherry

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Me So Vyborny 11 23 2 29 15 87 3 1.76 128 0.934 8
Verlo Virgins 6 13 5 26 6 42 4 2.76 126 0.92 2


Verlo Virgins and Me So Vyborny were headed in 2 different directions heading into week 3. Verlo had won it’s last 2 weeks while Vyborny had tied and was destroyed 1-8 by Gallagher’s Gonads.  Me So Vyborny’s coach seemed to push all the right buttons this week after bag skating his guys on Monday and benching Captain Dustin Brown. It seemed to spur Vyborny’s offense to 34 points, combine that with Jake Allen and Jonathan Bernier posting shutouts, and you get a dominating victory. While Verlo Virgins goalies posted great numbers including 4 wins and a .920 SV% their goaltending just wasn’t strong enough to overcome Vyborny’s epic week.


The Storm Troubas turns Eric’s team into post Death Star Alderan

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
The Storm Troubas 9 15 -5 34 6 62 4 1.8 191 0.946 6
Eric’s Team 12 25 -9 24 15 59 5 2.73 140 0.892 4


The Storm Troubas was able to use the dark force to encase Eric’s Team in Carbonite. Even with strong offensive output and goaltending that wins Eric’s Team wasn’t able to overcome the mean streak in the Troubas. Troubas led all teams in league 1 with a whopping 34 PIM’s this week (I’m sure Vader is proud). Having Kreider get a 5 min. Boarding Major and a 10min Game misconduct on his ill advised hit on Jonas Brodin really got Trouba’s the win in the PIM’s category. Eric’s goalies had rough week although they did put up 5 wins, but they also were sub .900 SV% and 2.73 GAA is nothing to write home about. Eric’s team was led by Phil Kessel with 6 points (2G, 4A) but all that offense wasn’t enough to overcome The Storm Troubas Luongo, Neimi Duo that really raked in this week.


Parenteau Guidance equaled the size of Gallagher’s Gonads this week

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Parenteau Guidance 10 23 22 24 9 44 0 3.61 93 0.894 5
Gallagher’s Gonads 8 22 -7 30 12 42 2 3.43 157 0.892 5


This match up was so snug that even Niki Minaj’s pants were jealous. Parenteau Guidance was led by Sid the Kid this week with 6pts (2G, 4A) but that wasn’t enough to overcome Gallagher’s Gonads awe inspiring 2 wins in goal. Parenteau had some epically bad goaltending that despite playing 3 games couldn’t muster up a single win. That’s not to say that Gallagher’s Gonads keepers where much better but they did get 2 wins in 6 games. Parenteau Guidance and Gallagher’s Gonads provided us with that awesome tie result which is as satisfying as a Rice cake after running a Marathon. Gallagher’s Gonads were the size of pea’s, compared to the grapefruits they usually play with. Parenteau Guidance provided about as much guidance as your college adviser did when it came time to  try and figure out what classes you needed to graduate. Parenteau Guidance and Gallagher’s Gonads look to bounce back next week and climb that fantasy ladder.


Markov’s Bionic Knee goes all six million dollar man all over the Delta Sleep Blues 

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Markov’s Bionic Knee 14 19 2 23 11 61 2 2.53 151 0.893 7
Delta Sleep Blues 16 18 0 20 13 46 1 3.39 90 0.9 3


Markov’s Bionic Knee was able to use the best strength that money can buy to overcome the top goal scorer of the week Delta Sleep Blues (16G). Markov’s Boinic Knee was led by the LaToya Jackson of the NHL Chris Kunitz with 4G and 3A and there own version of Steve Austin, Steven Stamkos (2G, 3A). Delta had Nathan MacKinnon get rolling for him this week (4G, 1A) but losing a bonafide stud like Anze Kopitar to injury proved to be too much to overcome. Neither teams overall goalie numbers were great but Markov really had Hiller reaching into the fountain of youth this week posting great numbers. Markov’s Bionic Knee better ride him hard now because we all know that Hiller is a lock to be out 35-40 games due to injury. Combine that with Hiller playing in Calgary where he is the sole reason for that team having any success and you know that this early season success can’t last. Of course in full discloser I am also a bitter Habs fan writing this. Delta Sleep Blues sure has problems in net with only Ray Emery and Robin Lehner serving as their gate keeper, maybe somebody should offer a trade?


Kosta’s Team has the penicillin to wipeout that nasty East Infection

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
East Infection 10 19 11 22 6 44 0 3.06 122 0.891 4
Kosta’s Team 9 18 15 14 10 37 3 2.16 169 0.929 6


Kosta’s team won this battle on the back of their goaltending tandem of Jonathan Quick and Marc-Andre Fleury. They swept all the waffle blocker categories for Kosta’s team this week. Kosta’s team is still the worst name in League 1 which we should dock him points for somehow, but you can’t deny this team came to play. Winning all the goaltending categories and 2 offensive ones (lost G and A by 1 each) led to a nice win. Like I said Kosta’s team won this battle but somehow East Infection is winning the war. Looks like East Infection has the staying power of Herpes at the bunny ranch. Being able to hold onto 1st place in League 1 after losing to Kosta is quite the feat. East Infection was led by Tyler Johnson who had the week of his life with 6A, the rest of his team gave solid production across the board but it wasn’t enough to overcome the Coach. I still can’t believe that Kosta’s Team won with Dan Boyle still in the starting lineup on and IR! Kosta’s team should start checking their line up more often because if they don’t the glass between them and the top 6 will be too thick to smash.


Pucking Right spun MC Dreidal the wrong pucking way

G A +/- PIM PPP H W GAA SV SV% Total
Pucking Right 4 13 -2 12 8 28 3 2.43 143 0.923 3
MC Dreidal 10 10 -2 14 6 37 3 1.74 119 0.93 5


McDreidal used goaltending averages and some timely goals to overcome the Pucking Right challenge. McDreidal was led by a trio of brick layers in Frederick Anderson, Henrick Lundqvist, and Jimmy Howard that all had sub 2.00 GAA and over .922 SV%. That is a formidable mountain to climb and proved to be too much for Pucking Right. While they did tie in +/- and Wins, MC Dreidal had a large edge in Goals led by father time Pavel Datsyuk with 3G and 2A. Looks like the host of the pregame show Steve Hindle isn’t just a pretty face made for internet radio but an actual fantasy hockey mind that is in position of 2nd place. I will say that this week was made easier by Pucking right pulling a Kosta on us and leaving 3 players on the IR in his starting lineup. Must be a Papoulias thing.


Fans of Montreal Hockey Talk League 2

Montreal Hockey Talk League 2 Currnet Rankings 11/3/14
Peel Pub Division Custom Conditioning
Rank Team W L T Pts Rank Team W L T Pts
1 The Rabid Desharnais 17 9 4 38 2 Kentucky Slims 18 11 1 37
4 #50in07 16 10 4 36 3 The #AlmostBourques 17 10 3 37
5 Prusty Trombones 17 12 1 35 7 Slashers 16 12 2 34
6 KitKat 15 10 5 35 8 Nick’s Neat Team 14 14 2 30
10 Krash Kars 7 18 5 19 9 EightFive 14 16 0 28
11 Pamela’s Triple 8’s 6 13 1 18 12 Team Rage 6 23 1 13



The Rabid Desharnais turns Pamela’s Triple 8’s into Pamela’s 1

The Rabid Desharnais 15 21 0 48 15 109 3 1.63 0.944 1 8
Pamela’s Triple 8’s 3 16 3 33 10 97 1 2.97 0.886 1 1


The Rabid Desharnais foamed at the mouth this week and cruised to an 8-1-1 victory over Pamela’s Triple 8’s. The Rabid Desharnais had no real standout skaters this week but got solid production with everybody contributing across the board. Their goalies sure showed up, led by Niemi who posted 2 Wins, a 1.89 GAA and .939 SV% and Allen posting a shutout in his only start. That gave little chance for Pamela to win any of the backstop categories. The Rabid Desharnais was last year’s champion and is picking up right where he left off snatching up 1st Place overall from Kentucky Slims. Pamela’s Triple 8’s looks like they have a bag skate in their future after posting only 12 points in 3 weeks. They might needs some shooting practice as well only netting 3 goals for the week.


Nick’s Neat Team keeps things tidy against the dirty Slashers

Slashers 5 29 10 28 9 117 3 2.46 0.92 0 3
Nick’s Neat Team 13 20 18 10 11 92 3 2.02 0.925 2 6


Slashers gets taken to the cleaners this week by a Nick’s Neat Team that still has Dan Boyle (IR) in the starting line up. Nick’s team was led by Chris (other people make me look good) Kuntiz (4G, 3A), Pavel (saucy mitts) Datsyuk (4G, 3A), and Phil (baby fat) Kessel (2G, 4A). Those 3 skaters and Marc-Andre  Fleury who posted 3 wins and 2 shutouts this week was enough to propel Nick’s Neat Team to Victory over No Foolin’ Fred Poulin’s Slashers team. On a side note, is it any surprise that a team named Slashers won the PIM’s category? What makes that 28 min’s in PIM’s even more impressive is that it was done without a single fighting penalty or Major. Who do you think you are Slashers, the Habs?


Kit Kat broke himself off a piece and used it to twerk his way to victory over Krash Kars

Kit Kat 16 20 14 8 11 125 3 1.73 0.925 0 8
Krash Kars 7 13 -11 16 6 101 0 3.96 0.887 0 1


Those of you that listen regularly and follow the tweet chat know about The Droog and his love for his name sake Kristina Ashqar. Well Krash Kars I am pretty sure you are going to lose any shot of getting that twerking vine if you don’t pick up your play. We all know Kristina loves winners and Krash Kars you sir are not winning. Kit Kat Rob Elbaz took Krash Kars to task this week, and only surrendered the PIM’s category. Kit Kat didn’t take a break from scoring this week leading League 2 with 16 goals. They had big weeks from Steven Stamkos (2G, 3A) and Brad (The Nose) Marchand (3G, 1A) up front. Howard, Hiller, and F. Anderson basically made scoring a nightmare for everyone last week and that sent Krash Kars into a week derailing kanyon of doom.


Prusty Trombones slides past EightFive with ease

EightFive 17 14 12 18 8 117 3 2.92 0.894 0 2
Prusty Trombones 14 23 16 24 12 144 2 2.66 0.898 1 8


Prusty Trombones shellacked EightFive this week in most categories. Eight Five was able to overcome a 5 goal week from Prusty Trombones Vladimir Tarasenko to win Goals 17-14, but wasn’t able to muster up enough in 8 other categories to compete. Prusty Trombones had some strong goaltending from Bernier which helped overcome the lack luster starts from their other 3 netminders. EightFive had 1 good start from one of hockey’s favorite gingers Cory Schneider, but the rest of their staff was a disaster this week. EightFive could be a contender if they could just get healthy, with 3 players on IR it makes it tough to compete. Prusty Trombones seems to be making lots of moves so it will be interesting to see if they can keep pushing the right buttons.


The #AlmostBourques makes Team Rage look like Team Whimper

The #AlmostBourques 7 19 7 10 6 107 3 1.97 0.949 1 8
Team Rage 6 11 3 20 7 82 1 3.55 0.897 0 2


The #AlmostBourques was more like the #PlayoffBourques this week beating up on last place Team Rage 8-2. Team Rage only had enough rage to get the wins in PIM’s and PPP, like I said Team Rage was more like Team Whimper this week. The #AlmostBourques was led by Valtteri Filppula (1G, 3A) and everybody’s favorite angry Russian goalie Semyon Varlamov. While both teams struggled to find the back of the net The #AlmostBourques did add 19 assists and posted 1 Shutout. Like any good team The #AlmostBourques found a way to win even with a lack luster performance. For them to be in 3rd overall with 2 big players on the IR, shows this team will continue to get better. Team Rage on the other hand better change things up quick otherwise they soon will find themselves in a hole so big it won’t matter how much rage they have they won’t climb out.


Kentucky Slims and #50in07 skate to stalemate in the clash of the top 2 titans

Kentucky Slims 3 12 -15 16 6 109 4 1.4 0.953 1 5
#50in07 8 20 -17 20 9 132 2 2.39 0.933 0 5


Heading in to week 3 Kentucky Slims was #1 overall and knew that the match up against #2 overall #50in07 would be an epic showdown of legendary proportions. Well folks this battle was so close not even a photo finish could determine a winner.  The unsatisfying tie may have kept both teams in the top 4 but cost both teams places in the standings. Kentucky Slims fell to #2 overall and #50in07 fell to #4 overall. Kentucky had a weak offensive week posting only 3 goals but they swept the goaltending categories, with strong performances from Ryan Miller and the recently injured John Gibson. #50in07 was led by their rear guard posting 2G, and 11 of their 20 assists. Hopefully the amount of blood spewed during this clash of the fantasy titans won’t prove to costly for either team moving forward.


I just wanted to give everyone out there in these leagues and that is following along a breakdown of who is involved, so here is a list of teams and their Twitter Handles for both leagues.


Fans of Montreal Hockey Talk League 1
Team Twitter Handle
Me So Vyborny @T_Loc11
Markov’s Bionic Knee @TXLovesTheHabs
Gallagher’s Gonads @J_Habs
The Storm Troubas @Nickcanhaztweet
Parenteau Guidance @MsAutumnWind
East Infection @johnnydeerhead
Delta Sleep Blues @73bigpete
Eric’s Team @Habs_and_Scotch
Verlo Virgins @verlo18
MC Dreidal @StevenHindle
Kosta’s Team @KostaPapoulias
Pucking Right @PeterPapoulias


Fans of Montreal Hockey Talk League 2
Team Twitter Handle
The Rabid Desharnais @Revengh
Team Rage @RedPoppyRage
#50in07 @giesbrechta
Kit Kat @RobElbaz
Slashers @FredPoulin98
Kentucky Slims @thefranchiseca
Nick’s Neat Team @nickyfranchise
Pamela’s Triple 8’s @Pamela_May_
Prusty Trombones @Alour
The #AlmostBourques @HabsFan6
EightFive @mattwohler
Krash Kars @AClockworkMan