MHTPoolMontreal Hockey Talk Fans League 1 Week 2 wrap up


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2 MC Dreidal                        14-4-2                                1 East Infection                    18-2-0

3 Gallagher’s Gonads          12-6-2                                5 Kosta’s Team                    11-9-0

4 Verlo’s Virgins                   11-8-1                                6 Eric’s Team                        10-9-1

7 Markov’s Bionic Knee       8-11-1                                8 The Storm Trouba’s           8-12-0

11 Me So Vyborny                6-13-1                                9 Parenteau Guidance          8-12-0

12 Deep Sleep Blues           2-17-1                               10 Pucking Right                    7-12-1


Match Up’s

Gallagher’s Gonads gets Me So Vyborny very unVyborny 8-1-1

Gallagher’s Gonads proved to much larger than Me So Vyborny’s this week. The match up was much closer than the final score would indicate. Most of the categories could have gone either way all the way on Sunday but they all seemed to go the Gonads way. Gallagher’s Gonads was led by Patrick Kane with 4 points and some great goaltending from Mike Smith, who posted a 1.49 GAA and .943 SV%.


Verlo’s Virgins tops The Storm Trouba’s 6-4

Looks like the Virgins were able to handle the Strom Trouba’s advances and take the close win. The match up had a little bit of everything with some close categories and some lop sided ones. The Virgins were led by Jeff Carter who has been off to a blistering pace this season so far posting 12 points in 8 games. Jeff Carter, Tyler Toffoli, and Tanner Pearson are the best line in the NHL right now and their owners are reaping the rewards!


Kosta’s Team gives Parenteau Guidance a whipping 8-2

Parenteau should be ashamed losing to an auto drafted team with the wost name in League 1 but hey that’s fantasy hockey sometimes. Kosta’s Team had guys like James Neal with 4 goals and Jonathan Quick posting 2 wins and a 1.00 GAA along with a .962 SV%. Not even Parenteau Guidance could overcome that kind of production.


MCDreidal defeats a rusty Markov’s Bionic Knee 6-3-1

MCDreidal is now 2-0 and had a big week 2 from Logan Couture who had 3G and 3A. MC Dreidal was able to win 5 of the 6 skater categories, even with Markov’s Bionic Knee actually holding the lead heading into Sunday. MCDreidal put up 8 points and 14 PIM’s to give him the big win. Markov’s owner Brad said if MCDreidal wants more homemade brew the next time he is in town MCDreidal better take it easy on him.


Pucking Right puck’s Eric’s Team 6-3-1

Pucking Right won a hotly contested match up in week 2 that this could have gone to either team right up until Sunday. Even though the final score was 6-3-1 they were separated by 1G, 1A, and the other categories were so close that replay was needed to see if there was a distinct kicking motion. Pucking Right was led by 4 points from Patrick Sharp and a big week by Tuukka Rask. Hey this might be the first nice thing said about the perpetual tantrum throwing Booins gatekeeper.


East Infection puts the sleeper hold on Delta Sleep Blues 9-1

East Infection rolled over Delta Sleep Blues like the bubonic plague in Europe. East used the biggest win of the week to parlay himself into 1st place overall. Delta Sleep didn’t stand a chance this week only putting up 4 goals and 12 assists compared to East Infection 14 goals and 23 assists. Tyson Barrie led East’s team with 5 points and got solid production from his whole team in the week 2 big win. I hope for the rest of us in League 1 that this infection doesn’t spread like the clap on Ste. Catherine Ste.



Montreal Hockey Talk Fans League 2 Week 2 wrap up


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2 #50in07                            11-5-4                                 1 Kentucky Slims           13-6-1

5 The Rabid Desharnais      9-8-3                                 3 Slashers                      13-6-1

7 Prusty Trombones           9-10-1                                 4 EightFive                        2-8-0

8 Kit Kat                                7-9-4                                 6 Nathan’s Nifty Team       9-8-3

10 Krash Kars                    6-10-4                                 9 Nick’s Neat Team          8-11-1

11 Pamela’s Triple 8’s        7-12-1                                 12 Team Rage                  4-15-1


Match Up’s

The Rabid Desharnais takes a nibble on Prusty Trombones 5-4-1

The Rabid Desharnais had an astounding 6 players put up at least 2 goals this week but Prusty Trombones won the assists category by 1. In this match up that was closer than objects in the rear view mirror, The Rabid Desharnais had fantastic offensive numbers winning all but assists. The problem The Rabid Desharnais had was with goaltending, Prusty Trombones won every goaltending category except Shutouts which they tied at 0. Neither team had a strong performance in net it just so happened Prusty had a slightly less bad week than Rabid Desharnais. I guess you could say Prusty Trombones was a little rusty and The Rabid Desharnais must have been vaccinated this week. (Thank god you don’t have to pay for this kind of comedy)


Slashers slashed Pamela’s Triple 8’s 7-2-1

Slashers may have lost the goals category with only 9 for the week but they had one hell of a week saucing passes with 31 assists. Scott Hartnell may have had trouble finding the back of the net this week but his silky mits had 5 helpers and when you combine that with the 4 other players that had at least 4 assists getting to 31 for the week seemed easy. Pamela’s goaltenders looked good but Slashers GAA of 1.96 and SV% .936 was just too much to overcome. This Slashers team reminds me of the Charlestown Chiefs before the Hanson brothers with only 19 PIM’s but that was still good enough to win.


#50in07 breaks Kit Kat 5-3-2

This match up was closer than the final score appears as well, with 2 stats tied (+/- & Shutouts) it really could have gone either way. Both teams had great goaltending, each getting a Shutout and posting sub 2.00 GAA and #50in07 reaching a .945 SV%. This contest was hotly contested, and Jonathan Quick led the way for #50in07 with 2W a 1.00 GAA, .962 SV% and 1 Shutout. Kit Kat had strong performances from Frederick Anderson and Jonas Hiller. Neither team’s offense put up great numbers but both were solid across the board. A few breaks either way and Kit Kat could have won this round but alas it was not met to be.


EightFive rages all over Team Rage 8-2

EightFive dominated nearly every offensive category except for goals where he was beat 11-12. This was another battle of great weeks for the custodians of the twine. Team Rage playing most opponents would have no problem winning every category but this week he ran smack into the Kuemper wall.  Team Rage pulled out the win in the W category but lost by .03 in GAA and SV%. This was a tough loss for Team Rage but he ran into a hot EightFive team that’s racking up the W’s.


Nathan’s Nifty Team splits with Krash Kars 4-4-2

This match up was tighter than Kris (Kardashian) Jenner’s face. It really could have gone both ways just like Tila Tequila, so maybe the tie is fitting. Nathan’s Nifty Team picked up only 2 offensive categories while winning 2 goalie categories. Krash Kars was able to win 4 offensive categories and tie 2 goalie categories. Neither team was very good this week posting weak numbers across the board so I guess they were lucky to clash with each other this week letting them both get their stinkers out of the way early.


Kentucky Slims puts Nicks Neat Team out to pasture 9-1

This match up didn’t go well for Nick’s Neat team getting trounced like the Sabres playing a team from California. In this clash of radio titans featuring Nick Murdocco (Nick’s Neat Team) taking on his long time co-host and rival Gary Whittaker (Kentucky Slims), Gary let the dogs out and Nick was the target. In fact the only category that Nick won was Shutouts 1-0 thanks to Marc-Andre Fleury. Both teams had terrible goaltending but Gary’s was slightly less bad than the putrid combo Nick sent out of Fleury and Halak. Gary had some good offensive numbers but Nick didn’t stand a chance because he never set his line up and still has Eric Staal starting even though he is on IR! Nick (9th overall) is going to have to shake off the rough start if he plans on making the top 6 this year. Gary is sitting pretty in 1st place overall but better sure up his goaltending because I’m not sure if Ryan Miller, John Gibson, and Steve Mason are enough to send him to the promised land.

  • EightFive here, and I LOVE this! I’ve had this in another league and it’s great.. Big ups to ya Tony!