Nick Murdocco and Gary Whittaker bring their unique style to Montreal Hockey Talk, as we are proud to present The Franchise.

The boys welcomed Moe Khan to talk a little pigskin in the first hour. Joining them during the second hour was music guru Eric Alper, as they talked about classic and unorthodox duets.

  • Gerry Berard

    I was in a state of shock this morning when my favourite sports talk show wasn’t on. At least 2 big guys were missing. Was this previously announced? My internet service is not unlimited so I don’t do much streaming. I know it’s the way of the future but I thought I was doing good listening to you in Waterloo, Ontario through Bell satellite on my tv. 🙂

    • Nick Murdocco

      Hey Gerry. I admit, we took a few liberties with the Uncensored option…lol.. had to get a few out of our systems ;). hope you still listen in, going forward when possible as we look to get back to business in continuing to bring you what you have enjoyed from us in the past.

      And no, nothing official was announced.. we found out Wednesday. nature of the beast… No hard feelings.

      Thanks for all the support over the past few years! appreciate it!

  • Mrs. Cooper

    Loving the new show! You guys are a hoot!!