BY: TONY PADULA (@my_rage_is_back)

The news was not good and the prospects looked super grim for Therrien’s troops heading into Game #2 of the first round playoff series against the boys from Walrus country.

With Eller in the hospital, the team also learned it would have to go without Captain Brian Gionta and power forward Max Pacioretty, all the while, leaving all of  HabsNation biting their nails, wondering if the real Carey Price would show up.

Instead, pleasantly surprised by all, we got the Ryan White performance of a lifetime. Talk about a redemption game for all the brain dead plays poor White subjected his coach to this season. Luckily for him, that was the regular season, where all can be forgiven by putting in a nasty playoff performance.

And Brandon Prust, after having a big “A” stitched on his jersey (probably by some little old lady that loves him), lived up to the play fans have come to love, by giving energy and thus momentum in the game’s first 25 minutes all tied up at goose eggs.  Of course, if you are going to call out the other team’s coach, you better have the manhood to back up the words, and without fail, Prust delivered. By crashing and banging everyone and anything in a white jersey, he sent that message loud and clear to the Senators’ “fat, bug-eyed walrus.”

Speaking of Gonads, #11 Brendan Gallagher (thank god I don’t have to type Gomez anymore) scores another huge like his balls goal, giving the breathing room needed fight for the victory.

And then we have, Carey Price #31, where have you been the last 3 weeks? Finally he played a solid game, allowing but a single goal to the Senators. The big question now is, can he do it again? With a a 3-1 win in the bank, where Price was spectacular when he had to be,  is the monkey off his back or just in the closet? No pun intended to Jason Collins….

It’s better to keep any comments short and clean, because anything I say could and would be held against me in a court of law when it comes to the officiating debacle. For the love of the game, let us hope that garbage of a job called officiating does not take place again this series. Seriously, Prust smashed head first into the boards, but you see the hand on the puck instead ???

Oh, and in case the Walrus still does not know his name yet, #61 is Raphael Diaz and he played almost 23 rock solid minutes in a 3-1 win. Yet another redemption story for being the unlucky cause of  the blindside shot on Lars Eller that led to a two game suspension of a bush league Sens player not worth mentioning. As for P.K. Subban, a stud, a lion, and big game performance machine on ice, ’nuff said…

On we go to game three, the keys to victory for the Habs  have become a lot more complicated  on the road. Fine, not really, with half the fans in the Ottawa expecting to be cheering for the Canadiens. Nevertheless, the keys will be for every player continue to dig deep and find a way to keep delivering puck pressure and quality shots once provided by Eller, Gionta and Pacioretty. Tinordi has filled in nicely in place of an injured Alexei Emelin. His size his helping to reduce some of the goonish antics by Sens’ pest Chris Neil.

But once again, the main factor will be, the head to head, or should I say shot to shotm, match up between the dentally challenged goalies, Carey Price and Craig Anderson. The back and forth, or should I say molar to incisor, battle will once again prove to be the critical factor in game three. For the Hab’s sake, they will need to keep seeing the Carey of old and not the lost puppy of the past few weeks, for this series to be won and to move on to the next round.

So predictions, Carey plays well with no softies and Habs win, anything else and we start to worry again and crap in our pants…