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Shortly after the cataclysmic events of the 2012-2013 NHL lockout, Scott Gomez, panic stricken and paralysed by even the most modest of on-ice expectations, chose to sign with the Alaska Aces of the ECHL rather than
loiter around at home like he did for most of his last season with the Montreal Canadiens. Last year was a real low point in the career of the enigmatic forward, nearly being outscored by anyone on the team in possession of a
hockey stick despite earning a team high 7.3 million dollars. At one point during the season a dishevelled looking Gomez reminisced about times past when he was able to consistently put up more points than Peter Budaj in any given season.

Recently, the Alaska Aces forward jumped at the opportunity to field questions in the highest profile interview the vertically challenged star has been able to land in years. What follows is an exclusive Q&A excerpt from the
Hillside Elementary School Gazette out of Anchorage Alaska.

HESG: “Last season was a really bad year for you, I mean, you did pretty much nothing at all last season, what was your motivation in signing with the (Alaska) Aces and taking away a roster spot from someone who is just trying to feed their family?”

Gomez: “That’s an excellent question. I mean, at first I thought of simply donating some of the millions I clearly don’t earn to local development leagues but it just made more sense to hang onto my money, especially when I
could sign another contract on top of the one I already had and bring in an extra 400 bucks a week of beer money, and besides, whoever got bumped from the roster wasn’t going to make it anywhere anyway.”

HESG: “After you signed the contract with the Aces. Mike Danton, a hockey player convicted of conspiracy to commit murder called you a loser. How did that make you feel?”

Gomez: “You know, it really hurt for a little while. But in my time with the Montreal Canadiens, Pierre Gauthier would call me into his office, and let’s just say…there are worse things in this life than being called a loser.” [Interviewer pauses while Gomez tears up.]

HESG: “I apologize. I know that last question was very difficult for you.”

Gomez: “The hardest part was always the taunts afterwards in the locker room, the players were always so cruel. One in particular would shout “sanduskied” whenever I walked in the room after a meeting. It was horrible.”

HESG: “Onto the lockout, in the latest CBA negotiations there are discussions about each club being entitled to one “Compliance Buy-Out”, what are your thoughts about that?”

Gomez: “If that happens to be included in the next CBA, then I know I’m gone. With the season I had I totally expect it and understand. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to generate any interest with other clubs but I remain optimistic and my agent has assured  me that he can find me other work if this whole hockey thing doesn’t work out. Nothing is written in stone  yet, but my agent has informed me that he is deep into negotiations to secure guest appearances on Arctic Air and Honey Boo Boo.”

After 10 games Scott Gomez currently sits 12th in scoring on the Alaska Aces with 5 goals, 7 assists, and 12 points, that’s 9 more points than Peter Budaj had all of last season.

  • darthalexander

    The thing that I hate most about the lockout is that I’m being robbed of the brilliant play of Scott Gomez. How he hasn’t led this team to multiple Stanley Cup wins is beyond me.